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Boost Your CTR for Mobile Ads with these 7 Simple Ways

Mark Cirillo

Updated: May 27, 2020 · 7 min read

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One of the main challenges for advertisers when running a marketing campaign is to get people to click on the screen when your ad shows up. Yes, the number of users browsing the internet in their palms grows constantly, day-by-day, but it can still be a challenge.

Worldwide, the numbers of internet users reached 3.24 billion in 2016. Last year was the first year when the mobile internet user has overcome the desktop internet user with a total percentage of 51.3 percent to 48.7 percent

With those numbers, how is it that only  68 percent of the companies have integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing campaign? 

How can you solve this problem? Which tests exactly can you run to make people stop on your ads and click?  Well, when talking about digital advertising, there are few things you need to constantly take into consideration, and of them is undoubtedly CTR, “click-through rate”. 

Someone might argue that the attention-grabbers below work for desktop browsers as well. However, the following tips come from tests on mobile devices, so let’s focus specifically on mobile advertising. 

1. Use emojis

If you want a better CTR for your campaigns, try using emojis in your ads.

An emoji, is a single picture integrated within the characters of your ad to respresent something. They areare mobile friendly and emphasize the text by grabbing people’s attention. Even better? You’ll catch the eye of millennials. 


Emojis create better engagement with the Facebook users, especially if they browse the social network through mobile devices. By doing this, you will be able to increase the click-through rates and, consequently, it will lower the costs of your campaigns.

emoji ad.png

Curious to see how they can impact your ROI? Check out this crazy experiment that we ran on a Facebook ads campaign.

2. Use videos with subtitles

There is no doubt that videos are the most powerful ad format on Facebook to generate views and engagement. Facebook video ads allow you to increase awareness more efficiently, in comparison to traditional Facebook ads. 

However, users who browse the internet through mobile devices often do it on public spaces, while they are on the move, and can’t always switch on the audio. Still, videos remain the best way to increase your CTR. For this reason, don’t forget to insert subtitles on your videos, if you don’t want to waste the opportunity to get more clicks (and conversions).

home chef .gif

3. Ask questions

Opening an ad with a question is a great way to hook the people and lead them into your funnel. 

question ad.png

A question gives you a greater chance to generate a response from your audience without being salesy, thanks to a conversational tone that grabs their attention almost instantly.

Try to open your ad’s message with a question that identifies your target audience or a problem they are facing. 

4. Run GIF ads 

A gif ad lies between static image ads and video ads. 

gif ad.gif

Thanks to this bitmap file type that supports animation, when used into a Facebook Ads those short images play on a loop, offering an alternative to video while still giving that feel.

5. Offer quiz (+ lead ads)

You may have heard that quizzes are a great way to grow your business because you can accomplish two goals simultaneously.

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First, you can make your own market research within a certain target audience. By doing this, you are able to acquire information about your potential customers’ preferences and delivery the right sale’s message. Second, quizzes create more engagement with your audience and increase the CTR of your ads. The problem is how do you run quizzes within your Facebook Ads?

Facebook Lead Ads is the answer. This tool is specifically designed for mobile devices.

Thanks to the survey feature that you are able to launch with Facebook Lead Ads, you can increase your users' engagement and at the same time collect meaningful data that might be used at your advantage to target at the best your audience. 

6. Contrast colors

Another way to increase your CTR is using contrasting colors on the ad’s image. Every color has an opposite. By pairing them you will make your ad more exciting, and more likely to catch the eye of a casual scroller.


This design trick may seem basic, however, it produces results, especially on mobile devices, because the small screen you have gives you less opportunity to distract yourself. 

7. Target your fans’ friends 

Facebook can automatically show to friends of your fans which of their friends like your page.

old navy friends of fans.png

People who browse through Facebook with mobile devices are often more distracted in comparison to those who use their computers, and this “trick” creates a sense of curiosity in your audience.

By targeting your fans’ friends, Facebook creates a sort of built-in social proof that can instantly increase the click-through rate of your ads, effortlessly.


I hope that this piece of an article will help you to understand how to boost the CTR of your ads on mobile platforms. Below a quick wrap up of the seven tips that we’ve just gone through:

  1. Use emojis
  2. Use videos with subtitles
  3. Ask questions
  4. Run GIF ads
  5. Offer quiz (+ lead ads)
  6. Contrast colors
  7. Target your fans’ friends

Actually, I have a last thought to share that I learned thanks to my personal experience: the key of a successful marketing campaign is to test your content, understand your customers, and have clear compelling calls-to-action.

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