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Four proven Infusionsoft by Keap campaigns and the four you should use

Paul Sokol

Updated: Dec 11, 2023 · 5 min read

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Performing an audit of your email campaigns can only help you gain a better perspective on the tie between email campaign success, lead quality and whether or not you're hitting your target market. The top four performing Infusionsoft by Keap Campaigns perform for a reason: they help users scrub lists, send timely messages, get social and convert leads. However, there are four workflows that you might not be using, but should if you want to recover hard bounces, recover cart deserters, stay on top of requests and grow your sales and save time. Read on to give your workflow arsenal an update that works for your business.

Clean your contact list

This workflow has been used by over 200 Infusionsoft by Keap customers to clean nearly 900,000 emails. Keeping your list scrubbed, updated and segmented is paramount to your small business’ automated marketing success. By eliminating out-of-date contacts or those who no longer fall into your target market, you can email the most relevant people about your services and products, increase open rates of your emails and reduce duplicate emails. Implement a regular cadence of list scrubbing every three months and remain dedicated to having quality contacts, rather than simply increasing the size of your list.

Birthday reminders

Over 200 Infusionsoft by Keap customers have scheduled nearly half a million birthday emails, which have fostered relationships with their customers and helped establish a stronger connection. By automatically reaching out to customers on their birthday, you place your business at the forefront of their mind, even if they haven’t purchased in a while. Sending reminders or strategic messages on key dates keeps the conversation going and keeps your business relevant to your customer—automatically!

Grow your social following

Over 150,000 people have been invited to follow Infusionsoft by Keap customers on social and counting! As social media continues to dominate marketing channels, it only makes sense that we ask our customers and prospects to engage with us on social platforms. This email campaign has proven itself successful in eliciting action from leads and turning them into social followers, which gives your business another channel through which to communicate, share promotions, industry updates or motivational quote.

Focus on your hottest leads

Over 88,000 lead score goals have been reached by Infusionsoft by Keap customers using this workflow. When you outline what a qualified sales lead looks like and then score them in your CRM, you are able to segment your contact lists into the hottest leads, versus the so-so, making your targeted messaging even more relevant to the recipient. While you have to make sure you are nurturing your lukewarm leads, a focused approach on hot leads will lead to closing more sales. By setting specific criteria for your leads, you can read “digital body language” and classify the likelihood of purchase from a particular lead. This workflow allows you to take your hottest lead and focus your energy on converting them into customers. 

The four Infusionsoft by Keap workflow you should be using

Hard bounce recovery

In the world of email marketing, a hard bounce—an email message that is considered permanently undeliverable - is an unwelcome occurrence. Hard bounces can result from errors in the email address, the domain or because the recipient has blocked delivery. A hard bounce will disable an email from your list and exclude it from future workflows. As a small business owner focused on list building, hard bounces are not a welcome occurrence. The Hard Bounce Recovery workflow will help you proactively recover hard bounces as they occur – keeping your contact information up-to-date for all prospects and customers. A phone recovery sequence will create a series of follow-up tasks for all customers who have had emails hard bounce. Once the email address has been properly updated, the customer can be successfully returned to the email campaign and the valuable relationship maintained.

Turn abandoned carts into sales

Abandoned shopping carts are a huge issue for small business owners who rely on online sales. Although 75% of first time visitors had an intention to buy, an average of 67.45% of shopping carts are abandoned without purchase. Nurturing those potential customers into sales is a source of potential revenue that should not be ignored. The Turn Abandoned Carts into Sales workflow has a 7.3% global order recover rate—with over 300 abandoned orders recovered following use of the workflow. By initiating a follow up contact when a visitor begins a purchase (by clicking a link in an email or order form) without following through, the visitor is reminded of their intention and given incentive to return and complete the purchase.

Automate contact requests

The majority of small business owners are working alone or with minimal support. Keeping up with contacts and service requests can be a time-consuming task. Yet, in order to wow your customers and ensure they feel that their needs and concerns are important—it is vital to stay on top of all of the customer contacts and requests your company receives. The Automate Contact Requests workflow will guarantee that all prospects and contact requests receive an immediate email response. It also assigns the inquiry to someone in your company who will be tasked with the follow up. Your customers and prospects will know that you care enough to take their correspondence seriously, and you can relax knowing that this process is automated.


Owning a new small business can sometimes seem like the perfect example of having too much to do and too little time to do it all. There is no doubt that automating your email marketing can dramatically assist you in freeing up those hours, but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to begin. The Business-In-A-Box workflow bundles three separated workflows that help grow sales and save time. When new leads come into your website, the workflow creates follow-up tasks through the entire sales process. Once the lead has become your customer, a welcome sequence helps turn them into a raving fan. Best of all – the estimated time to launch the entire set of workflows is fewer than 30 minutes.  With this workflow you’ll be on your way to success in no time! Using these workflows can help you get organized, save time and grow sales.

Looking to focus on delighting your clients instead of repetitive tasks? Keap can automate numerous business tasks to save you time.

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