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5 cool tips to make branded content more engaging

Abhishek Talreja

Updated: Dec 13, 2023 · 7 min read

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5 cool tips to make branded content more engaging

Do you love listening to your favorite poetry on podcasts and YouTube webcasts? Do you often find yourself hooked to books by bestselling authors or even Hollywood flicks? Happens to most of us, right? Have you wondered why?

It’s because some content types are highly engaging. The world is full of content right now. Visit Google, type your questions, and you’ll get many options to choose from: blog posts, videos, ebooks, etc. Check out the guide above to learn about creating SEO content that converts.


Each published content piece is competing for audience attention. Make yours the most engaging and you’ll get a bigger following.

Are you still finding it hard to make your branded content stand out from the crowd?

Let’s learn some key ways for businesses to create compelling content that attracts higher engagement and more conversions:

Ask questions

You must have come across many quizzes and contests that are extremely interesting. Do you know why? Because that makes the audience think and take action.

As a brand, you want to facilitate a two-way interaction with your audience. Whether you’re writing a blog post or creating a video, asking questions is a creative way to get your audience involved. By asking interesting questions, you can create pure engagement posts something similar to the following LinkedIn update:

Tell stories

Do you remember your favorite teacher back in school? Most students had one because they told the best stories.

Stories are as old as the human race. We tell stories to inspire and influence. Telling stories infuses entertainment in education. It takes away the dullness out of a boring piece of content. As a marketer, you can tell a variety of stories:

a. How did you get the idea for starting your business?

b. The success and failures that were a part of your journey.

c. Stories related to big client wins and industry awards.

d. The making of your product.

e. The people behind your company.


The audience wants to see the human side of your business. Story-driven content helps you showcase your brand’s journey, and it helps to build a relationship with the audience.

Know what your audience wants

One of the skills that you’ll profit from as a content marketer is empathy for the consumer. Knowing who your audience is and what they’re looking for is an integral part of creating engaging content.

  • Do niche keyword research to learn about persisting industry problems.
  • Study the intent behind audience queries.
  • Draw up audience personas to visualize and know your audience on a deeper level.
  • Create content like you’re having a conversation with your audience.
  • Use a consistent brand-voice across content pieces.
  • Link to useful content pieces to make each published article a lot more valuable.
  • Make use of stats, visuals, and expert quotes to add leverage to your argument.
  • SEO-friendly content isn’t about stuffing keywords; it’s about producing user-friendly and insightful content, like the video above describes.

    Surround yourself with inspiration

    Remember, even the best of content writers and marketers can’t produce great content out of thin air. The best way to stay inspired all the time includes:

  • Keeping track of the latest news and updates in your industry.
  • Making a list of top competition content assets such as blogs and video channels.
  • Following the best of niche influencers and thought-leaders.
  • Keeping tabs on what went viral and why.
  • Listening to podcasts while you’re on the move.
  • Using a tool like Pocket to bookmark your favorite content pieces.
  • Taking notes of things you like and see how you can use it to make your upcoming content pieces more exciting.
  • Solid research is at the heart of a winning content piece; content research should be a part of your everyday routine. Keep yourself brimming with ideas, and that will add to your content’s quality.

    Make your content soulful

    There may be many debates about quality vs. quantity. With so many content pieces out there, you can’t replace quality with quantity. Remember, creating content is about soliciting emotional reactions.

  • How would you want your audience to feel when they consume your content?
  • Will it bring a smile to their face?
  • Will the audience feel inspired?
  • Will they feel thrilled after watching a video on your YouTube channel?
  • Brands like Redbull and Starbucks are live examples of content that strike a chord with the audience and make them come back for more.


    Measuring and improving content engagement

    When you apply the above content creation techniques, you’ll find a noticeable improvement in the content engagement rate. Measure it using the following metrics, and it’ll be easier to see what’s working best for your business:

    Comments: Be it comments on blog posts, YouTube videos or social media status updates, the more, the merrier. Also, track the quality and sentiment of the comments.

    Likes and Shares: You can keep tabs on the engagement on your social media posts.

    Unique Page Visitors: This is a metric that’s most relevant to websites. Log in to your Google Analytics account to observe the reach of your blog post or your infographic post.

    Average Time on Page: Google Analytics also tells you the duration users spend on different content pieces. More time means more content engagement.

    Conversion Rate: Most content pieces have a call-to-action (CTA) such as signing up for a newsletter or free trial. A higher conversion rate means more people are convinced to take action.

    Based on these metrics, you can compare the published content pieces, then make a list of highly engaging ones to analyze success factors.

    Final thoughts

    The first goal of content creation is to get potential customers to visit your site. This way, they can get to know your brand. The final aim is to get them to convert. Content engagement helps you get prospects to convert into customers. The level of engagement differentiates stellar content from the mediocre pieces. It’s what enables you to create a loyal audience and many online evangelists who don’t just love your content, but also take pride in sharing it with their peers.

    Now you know why content engagement is such an essential part of a winning marketing strategy. So go use it to your advantage!

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