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3 key takeaways from Content Marketing Conference 2019

Natalie Ferreyra

Updated: May 28, 2020 · 3 min read

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Creating content that creates conversations is critical in order for businesses to connect with people, build trust, and sell. This was a main focus at the 2019 Content Marketing Conference, hosted in Boston by Byron White and the WritersAccess. The week was filled with insightful workshops and conversations with some of the biggest names in marketing and inspiring keynotes.

The theme of the week was “evolve.”

Evolve as in:

  • Show up for your customers, NOT for your business

  • Give your audience the type of content they are already looking for

  • Make communicating with your customers and building their trust the most important priority, not selling.

I taught a workshop alongside marketing guru Dennis Yu on Facebook marketing and lead generation, outlining exactly what you need to create a successful strategy to generate revenue quickly. You can get my exact presentation and bonus material by texting “Natalie” to (818) 239-7339.

Natalie at CMC

I’ve also summarized three of the most talked about topics from the conference below, so it’s easy for you to digest. If you’re looking to boost your content strategy, it’s important you put the following takeaways into action quickly, so you don’t get left behind.

Laughter attracts more bees than honey

Satirical blogger and creator of The Cooper Review, Sarah Cooper, had amazing tips on how to incorporate humor into your content marketing. She said, “Don’t try to be funny. Try to be honest.” As long as you are being true to your brand’s personality, you’ll be likeable and appealing.

She also said, “Exaggerate: Heighten the truth beyond reality. Boring + surprising = exciting.” Just because you are a business doesn’t mean you have to be boring. So add that little bit of sparkle to your posts, share that meme, and don’t be afraid to be relatable and fun.

People over product

Let’s get down to business: People buy from other people, right?

Would you go up to a random group of people on the street and ask them if they want to be your friends? Chances are the answer is no. You have to build a foundation first and gain their trust, perhaps by getting introduced by someone else that knows them. It’s exactly the same in the business world.

Your content can’t all be offers and discounts and having a call-to-action to buy your product or service. You must create and share content that builds trust, nurtures relationships, and is likely to be shared by your audience to their audience.

BONUS TIP: Put people at the forefront of your content. Create testimonial videos, have a public figure endorse you, or even put your employees on your ads.

Remember: People buy from other people, even online.

This topic needs a wheel

One of Dennis Yu’s signature tactics that any of his followers will recognize is the “Topic Wheel.”

As you can see from the picture below, the topic wheel is a wheel of 6 main topics you want your brand to focus on. This helps create a structure for what you share about and why.

topic wheel

Think about your audience and how they perceive your brand: What topics could your brand post about that would resonate with your audience but be relevant AND unique at the same time?

Ultimately, as LinkedIn content guru, Michaela Alexis, mentioned during her keynote, your audience is your hero. Share posts that are going to be beneficial to them, and write copy that calls their attention by using “you” rather than “me,” “my,” or “our.”

There’s no way of knowing exactly what kind of content will work perfectly for your brand. What is for sure is that marketing will continue to evolve and you will need to try different topics and adapt to the changes fast. Thousands of brands are ready. Are you?

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