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5 Ways for You to Capture Leads You Haven't Considered

John Rampton

Updated: Sep 14, 2019 · 8 min read

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Capturing B2B leads no longer has to follow the same formula you've used in the past. While these traditional methods may have created some opportunities for you, it's nothing like the potential you have when using more targeted lead capture strategies. Thanks to more developed online channels for B2B and emerging technology, it's more affordable and practical to employ these other ways to capture leads:

1. Personalized content

According to an article on CMO that shared Gartner research, "B2B companies that use personalization in digital commerce will be able to realize up to 15 percent increase in revenues." Generic emails just don't work anymore because businesses feel like the brand just doesn't care enough to even find out what is impacting them as a separate and distinct company.

This personalized content can be shared via email, addressing individual needs and unique issues that each target customer is facing. Regular content that addresses these specialized situations along with insights about them can start to nurture those prospects and capture leads that convert. They will see you are interested enough to research, ask questions, and shape solutions for them. Even something as simple as their name in the subject line or acknowledgment of interests can make a difference to this audience. As business owners themselves, they realize the type of effort required to personalize content and will appreciate the effort.

Potentially, there are also other places to provide personalized content. For example, you can create personalized landing pages and generate content recommendations specifically for your database of prospects. Additionally, you may want to consider personalized content for the mobile environment and even localized marketing techniques.

2. Contest

Businesses like to have fun, too. That means contests aren't just for the consumer audience. It's hard to resist this type of interactive approach for capturing leads. That's because everyone loves the idea that they might win something like a free product, service, or experience. If you plan on using this tactic to capture leads, make sure the incentive really is something your audience would get excited about.

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How to capture more targeted leads

Also, make the prize specific to your audience versus something everyone might want. You want to capture leads but they should be meaningful ones that have the potential to generate real business for you. It could be free services or products related to what you do, grabbing the attention of businesses that fit your desired customer persona.

Consider announcing the contest and capturing leads on social media or a customized landing page. This provides a way to also determine the real return from this tactic.

3. Video

B2B marketers that create video content that educates and engages their target audience will also garner more leads. Google has verified this with statistics that indicate the B2B audience likes to watch videos on their purchase journey. Google also found that nearly half of those surveyed watch at least 30 minutes of video when they are researching items to potentially purchase.

To convince these B2B audience members that you are the right brand for them means producing video content that illustrates your thought leadership in their area of need. This means sharing informative video content that illustrates your understanding of their environment, objectives, audience, and problems. Then, the video content can offer recommendations on how to address those problems.

Additionally, to get in front of the right audience members means understanding where to distribute it. Social media channels are becoming one of the best platforms for this type of video. However, you can also incorporate it into your personalized emails by embedding the video. Alternatively, you can add a link to it on your website.

4. Live streaming

Live streaming through social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are becoming more popular in conjunction with the overall love of video content. While it's growing in popularity as part of a B2B marketing strategy, more than half of today's businesses have yet to try it as a way to capture leads. It's an excellent way to demonstrate your product or service in use.

Besides these demonstrations, you can incorporate live streaming as a way to show behind-the-scenes footage of what happens at your company to illustrate your culture and operating philosophy in action. Plus, you can do a live Q&A so your audience can engage with you in the moment. This gives them a connection to your brand that they might not have been able to have, creating a deeper bond to convert that lead into a customer.

5. Influencers

Influencers are not just for consumers anymore. Businesses also believe in others they admire to guide them toward a particular product or service. This is especially the case when it comes to bigger ticket items like software or equipment. If a business colleague or recognized social influencer shares what a product or service has done for them, these prospects are more likely to follow suit.

Yet, according to one site, only 15 percent of B2B companies have implemented an influencer marketing campaign. This is an ideal way to get around ad blockers and other tactics that businesses don't trust.

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Look for industry experts and successful entrepreneurs to serve as your influencers. Your target audience trusts these influencers as sources of valuable information. They can also be very specific about the type of value your audience will gain from your product or service.

Test out the lead capture tactics

Besides offering a return in the form of captured leads, these tactics are also relatively low cost and easy to implement. They can also be tested and tweaked along the way as you begin to understand how these new lead capture methods can be incorporated into your B2B marketing strategy.

John Rampton is an entrepreneur, investor, online marketing guru, and startup enthusiast. He is the founder of the payments company Due.

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