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Upgrade your customer nurturing with video

Casey Hill

Updated: Dec 11, 2023 · 4 min read

Upgrade your customer nurturing with video

According to Shopify, your top 1% of customers spend an average of 18 times as much as a standard customer! As business owners of brick and mortar companies, we know these people as “the regulars”. For online businesses, they are often the handful of people always commenting and engaging with us on social media. Not only do they spend more and more regularly, but they also are the ones you will tell other people about your business. These are your brand advocates.

Now that you have a system like Keap to monitor and track your leads and customers, it’s easier than ever to try and invest in nurturing more of your customers to become brand advocates.

It starts with identification…

Finding your best customers

Using features like Keap’s Lead Scoring, you can easily identify new customers who have bought multiple products from you within the first few months. You can add points to a contact based on purchases, web behavior or email engagement and make a habit of organizing these people into a group of “High-Value New Customers” with a tag.

Another place to check is across your social media accounts. Whoever manages your social media handles will recognize the common names that engage. Create a list of these people and also add them to your “High-Value New Customers” list.

Note that we are looking primarily at newer customers who are showing trends that might indicate that they could become brand advocates (versus the current brand advocates you already have). We want to use a combination of personalization and systematic reminders to build these excited new customers into long-term, loyal community members.

Create a personal relationship

For brick and mortar stores, at least before COVID-19, it was straight forward. You knew your regulars and over time, you would strike up more and more conversations. Pretty soon, you knew their 6 six-year-old played AYSO soccer in the same league as your kid and that they were training for a marathon. You built a real relationship and that relationship is part of why that customer kept coming back to your business specifically.

If you run an online store or if you run a physical store currently battling with limited ability to interface with customers, there is still hope to build and sustain relationships. One great way is through personal video. Using tools like Bonjoro, that natively integrate with Keap, you can have that “High-Value New Customer” tag we discussed trigger a quick pop-up to record a video on your phone or computer.

You just click the task, record and a video that looks like this would send out:

See how Joe shows them the product they are about to receive and helps make the experience more human. Through videos like this, Joe took his revenue from 35k to 75k in just 14 weeks. How? Well, for one thing, these personal touches are helping him turn more of his customers into brand advocates, the same customers are spending 18x what the standard is. It starts with just genuine conversation and customer gratitude. The advantage of a video though, versus say text emails, is dramatic. For one thing, video allows you to deliver facial expression, tone, and body language in a way that is unique to that medium.

Second off, because personal video emails are 1:1, the engagement rates are exceptional. Here is a snapshot of stats from a recent personal video campaign inside Bonjoro:

Although in an ideal world we would make these personal videos for everyone, the magic of Keap is it allows us to quickly identify the highest potential prospects and lets us focus our time and energy efficiently.

What’s more, with Keap, you can actually set up a customer nurturing campaign with personal video! By creating several different tags, say “Video Nurture #1”, “Video Nurture #2”, etc. inside of a campaign, you could easily build a system that would keep you touching base and on the radar of your customers automatically.

The truth about relationships and spending

The reality is that the inbox is becoming increasingly competitive. If you just send all your customers the same generic messaging, with no segmentation or personal touch, you are going to fall behind.

The beauty of it though, is it’s easier than you think to achieve personalization at scale. Using systems like Keap, you can have everything automated, making it so you simply just click record, at just the right time and send that impactful video message that will make someone’s day.

When you are starting out, focus on simply using video to express gratitude and make the new up and coming brand advocates feel like a part of a community–that buying your product says something about them, who they are or what they believe. If you make a customer feel like they belong, they will keep coming back and buying, even if Amazon undercuts you on a price.

Because at the end of the day, people like to buy from companies that make them feel valued, and with Keap and Bonjoro, you can do just that.

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