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Sending 'Thank you' emails is essential for ecommerce businesses

Lianna Arakelyan

Updated: Dec 11, 2023 · 4 min read

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Thank you emails

Ecommerce is fast becoming the best way to shop because of the extensive number of products that are being made available to consumers regardless of distance. People can simply go to a website and shop online. Because of this convenience, a lot of fun and creative products have cropped up that target a new generation of shoppers and niche markets.

Ecommerce makes communicating with a target market convenient. The addition of social media platforms creates an even smaller world, which bridges the gap between products and customers. Still, traditional elements of selling hold, even in the new online landscape.

Do you need ecommerce email marketing?

Running an ecommerce business without email marketing is akin to trying to run a car without gas. You need an email marketing strategy to create brand awareness and, ultimately, sales. Without an email marketing strategy, it's more difficult to create meaningful relationships with the customers that you need to grow.

Email marketing should be part of your arsenal as an ecommerce entrepreneur. Emails are versatile and produce significant results for your ecommerce business. They can be used for different purposes—from welcoming new customers to launching new products. In order to make your email marketing more effective and secure, you can use a VPN for all devices to provide you with remote access to data.

What is a 'Thank you' email?

One of the most important emails you can send as an ecommerce business is the "Thank you" email. Every business should thank its customers, including ecommerce stores.

In the brick-and-mortar world, business owners/employees say thank you to shoppers as they leave the establishment. Likewise, as an ecommerce store, it's imperative to send a "Thank you" email.

The reason behind sending a "Thank you" email is to make your customers realize that you genuinely appreciate their interest in your product and/or service and their relationship with you.

For example, you can thank them for:

  • Purchasing your products/services
  • Subscribing to your email newsletter
  • Liking your company's Facebook page

Just like a "Thank you" web page, a "Thank you" email can drive sales. At the very least, your politeness will please your customers.

How to craft a 'Thank you' email

Consumers often find that it's nice to hear from a business they've just purchased from, subscribed to, or engaged with.

Emails such as "Thank you" emails increase interaction potential between businesses and customers. It's a simple act of courtesy, and sending one helps boost brand loyalty across all audiences.

We learned to say thank you at a young age, and most of us say thank you in various social situations. However, crafting a stellar "Thank you" email is not simple.

When writing a "Thank you" email, it's critical to convey something positive in the subject line. It's also important to use the correct greeting. Gratitude and appreciation must be expressed within the body of the email—include specific details as necessary. Finally, say thank you again as part of an appropriate closing.

Thanking for signing up

The "Thank you" email for signing up is vital in that it's the first "Thank you" email you will be sending your potential customers.

Use this email as an opportunity to nudge them toward taking further action such as browsing, updating their contact details, and, of course, purchasing.

It's important your potential customers know that you're grateful that they want more information about your business. Plus, sending a "Thank you" email will help increase their engagement level.

Thanking for making a purchase

Give customers who've recently purchased items from you positive feelings by sending a thank you email. A pleasant post-purchase experience will leave them with a positive impression. Make the most of the "Thank you" email for purchase by:

  • Inviting the customer to complete a survey
  • Inviting the customer to an event
  • Offering the customer a giveaway or discount on their next purchase
  • Promoting social sharing


Shopping formats and options are constantly changing, but saying thank you to customers is a classic business move that will stick.

Sending a "Thank you" email is an opportunity for businesses to deepen relationships with and provide options to customers. Receiving one should be a pleasurable experience for customers, as it rewards them for being loyal and believing in a brand that they have discerned to be something that will improve their lives.

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Lianna Arakelyan is a digital marketing expert with a knack for social media marketing strategy and implementation. Her goal is to always be updated on online and offline marketing news of the world.

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