How To Double Your Dental Business Website’s Results

Updated: May 30, 2020 · 4 min read

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Every dentist I’ve worked with has generated a significant amount of their patient base from their website, yet they all have gaps on their sites that allow potential patients to slip through the cracks.

According to DentistryIQ, the highest converting dental websites hover around the 5 percent mark; that leaves at least 95 percent of your visitors that don’t end up calling you. If you’re a dentist, “How to capture the 95 percent?” is your million dollar question.

The reasons people don’t call you vary, but you can categorize them in two groups:

  1. Hard criteria can be considered things in your practice that are set in black and white.  This includes hours of operation, location, cost, insurance, etc. 

  1. Soft criteria can be considered something that’s emotional, subconscious, or circumstantial. This includes your content not resonating with a prospect, the prospect not being far enough in their decision making process to make a call, or the prospect not being in a place where they could make that phone call.

Hard criteria are difficult to change and often take a long time if you decideto do it. Soft criteria, however, are simple to fix with the right direction.

A lead magnet is one of my favorite tools my clients use to capture a piece of that 95 percent. A lead magnet offers a relevant piece of content on your website of value for free in exchange for the person’s contact information.

Here are a few ways you can utilize this tool:

  1. You can offer a free piece of information in exchange for an email address and use marketing automation to follow up with this prospect until they become a patient. The information can be centered on general oral care or a specific treatment plan. An example of the first would be a recipe for a safe, home-made teeth whitener; the latter could be information on signs of periodontal disease.

  1. The second way you can utilize this tool is by offering a call back service. This allows potential patients that are in inconvenient circumstances to schedule a call for a convenient time. Clients I’ve worked with have seen immediate response from 40 percent of their patients and another 30-40 percent from following up with them.



  1. The last way you can utilize a lead magnet is with an “Ask Me Anything.” Due to HIPPA laws, you’ll need to post a disclaimer and most of these questions will end up requiring an in person visit to the dentist.


Each of these options will leave a significant amount of people who give you their information and don’t respond the first time you reach out. These leads need to go into a marketing automation funnel, along with reminders to your staff to call again during down time.  

Done correctly, a lead magnet, coupled with marketing automation, can leave you with staggering results.

A good, but not astounding, dental website will generate about a 2 percent conversion rate. A lead capture will convert anywhere between a 1-10 percent, hovering around 5 percent being impressive results.  

You should test various lead magnet tools until you meet 5 percent with a follow-up system that generates at least 40 percent of those opt-ins into new patients, which immediately doubles your website’s effectiveness without driving more traffic to it.

Hi, my name is Vlad and my purpose is to help dentists rise to the top of their market in terms of revenue, goodwill, and reputation. My business philosophy that I use myself and help my clients adopt is to treat people like people, deeply care for results, and always be available. Learn more at

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