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4 ways to support your entrepreneur community

Updated: Jul 10, 2020 · 5 min read

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Entrepreneurship is a lonely game. Where founding teams are lean and startup failures run high, establishing a strong network of fellow entrepreneurs can be the key to your professional growth. For professional connections, moral support, and even mentorship, a strong community can be the entrepreneur’s stepping stone to the next level of success.We asked four entrepreneurs how they have been impacted by other entrepreneurs in their business journey. You can learn more from these and other successful entrepreneurs by attending Think In Color, Thinkific’s free virtual event from July 14-16. Connect with trailblazing women of color business owners as they share their insights on how to build successful online businesses while breaking down barriers for improved diversity and inclusion.

Here are the tips they had to share:

Show up

Be active in your communities; attend the event, share resources, and keep showing up with boldness and confidence. Share your insights with your online and in-person communities to inspire and encourage others - you never know who you will inspire and what connections it will bring.

Building a business can leave entrepreneurs feeling alone and disconnected - by engaging with one another through highs and lows, you can build a supportive community where you can inspire and be inspired by others.

As a business owner, who is also a Black woman, I have been impacted by entrepreneurs by their boldness in-spite of the fears that show up, their hunger for making things better for others. It's a selfless act to turn an idea into a business so it benefits others. That virtue motivates me daily to keep improving to make things better for others. - Yetunde Shorters

Support each other

Look for opportunities to support your peers. Engage with them on social platforms, elevate their voices and resources on your own feed, and support their events.

By stepping up as a networker, you also build your network exponentially. As you learn more about people in your network, introduce people you know will benefit professionally from one another - and after a while, you might find people start to return the favor.

As a woman of color business owner, I have been impacted by other entrepreneurs in the way we support each other. We share the same struggles and hurdles so often we make it a point to support each other because we know how hard it is to get support from everyone else.- Morgan Owens

Build your community

The power of social media is its ability to build community. Through a well-placed like, follow, or friend request, you can connect with fellow entrepreneurs and creators. Without the barriers of geography, you might find new connections around the corner or on the other side of the planet.

Kyshira Moffet, CEO of The Power Collective, shares, “I have so many mentors that I've never met! I've been mentored by the content and journey of many entrepreneurs online. I gleam insight from their videos, newsletter and courses.”

Social networks can move you closer to your personal and professional goals by helping you engage with people, subjects, and brands you resonate with. Join a Facebook group with other entrepreneurs in your city or industry, connect with LinkedIn communities dedicated to your interests, or engage in Twitter threads with your broader professional community. With social media, the opportunities are endless.

Saying that I was inspired is putting it lightly. When I began my entrepreneurial journey, I personally did not know any other entrepreneurs. There weren't any in my immediate family. I didn't have anyone I could relate to. By following and engaging other entrepreneurs online, I was able to SEE what was truly possible for me and built a supportive community. - Kyshira Moffett

Celebrate the wins

Celebrate your wins, and those of your community. In entrepreneurship, where ups and downs are part of the deal, someone else’s win can be just the boost of inspiration someone needs to get them over the hurdle to their next success.

Take the time to engage with a celebratory announcement on social media. Share a fellow entrepreneur’s good news or product launch on your own feed, and tag them. Encourage and cheer on your peers when they share insights, and publicly share the lessons you learn from others.

I love seeing women in my community win and succeed. Their wins encourage, inspire and motivate me to keep growing and improving. Starting a business can be a challenging and lonely experience to go through and as a founder. There are so many moments when you're unsure if you're making the right decision or if that investment is going to pay off but you have to stay optimistic and hopeful for your team. When I see other entrepreneurs finding their way, sharing their stories and achieving their milestones with work and in life, it's a helpful reminder to stay focused and committed to the path. - Afua Osei

Ready to build your community and learn from others? Sign up for Think In Color, Thinkific’s free virtual event from July 14-16. Connect with trailblazing women of color business owners as they share their insights on how to build successful online businesses while breaking down barriers for improved diversity and inclusion.

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