Unlock your potential: Micro memberships and online courses for small business success

Kyle Leavitt, Co-Founder & CEO of CustomerHub

Updated: Nov 03, 2023 · 6 min read

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In the current digital-everything environment, knowledge isn’t just power. It's also a thriving business. Whether you're considering offering micro memberships that deliver bite-sized insights or comprehensive online courses that delve deep into subjects, the fact remains that your audience is looking for more convenient ways to solve their problems. That’s where you and your expertise come in to save the day.

In this article, you’ll discover how you can easily help your audience solve those problems and generate more revenue as you do so. We’ll be exploring:

  • How much content you need to start selling micro memberships and courses
  • When it’s time to get a membership software
  • The time required to start and manage memberships and courses
  • How to price the services you offer

Ready to get on the road to serving more customers and generating recurring revenue? Micro memberships and courses are the way forward. Let’s dive in.

Why should I consider micro memberships and online courses?

In-person services are extremely challenging to scale. There are ultimately two ways to scale:

  1. Hire more people
  2. Work more hours

This is why so many experts, consultants and creators turn to digital products and memberships. These digital offerings allow them to side step the scalability problems without needing to hire more people or put undue strain on their schedule. More importantly, they can create something once and use their expertise to help the masses overcome problems.

So what are the most common questions about creating a membership or course? Read on to find out.

How much content do I need to start selling?

Launching into the world of online education, whether with micro memberships or courses, demands valuable content. However, the single biggest mistake most people make when starting their digital businesses is thinking they need more content than they actually do, or thinking their content has to be professionally produced. On the contrary, a single 1-3 minute video, podcast or webinar can kick-start your journey, and you don't have to spend thousands of dollars producing it. In most cases, a video captured on your phone is all you really need.

What matters more than the quantity of content is for it to be actionable, guiding your members or students toward tangible results and establishing your credibility. When you know your stuff and deliver authentic, meaningful content, a single video is enough to get you started. Believe it or not, many users of the CustomerHub membership platform are successfully launching micro memberships with as little as a single 4-minute video!

When do I need membership software like CustomerHub?

So how do you know when you’re ready for membership software? The best question to ask yourself is, “Are there more people who need my help than can currently access it?” If the answer is yes, it’s time to look into creating and selling your own micro memberships and online courses. To do that you’ll need a software to make it easy, simple, and powerful.

CustomerHub is specifically helpful for those new to the knowledge business. With this software, you can easily implement and manage both micro memberships and extensive online courses. CustomerHub also handles all of the technology for you and has best practice templates built in so you won’t need to hire a web developer or spend hours learning the tricks of the trade to get launched. Start with a risk-free trial and upgrade as your audience grows.

How much time will it take to set up and manage my membership or course?

Creating content for micro memberships and courses will require some work up front, but the payoff can be substantial.

The amount of time it takes to create a package to sell will vary, but once that content is produced, the process of launching your membership or course can be quick! For example, if you opt to follow CustomerHub’s Micro Membership Model™, you can get a micro membership launched in as little as a day or two. And for more comprehensive membership programs or online courses, you can get up and running in a week or two.

To start selling, all you’ll need is a simple funnel comprised of these elements:

  1. A sales page to send interested prospects to
  2. A checkout page with the ability to process online payments
  3. A simple membership site to deliver/fulfill your digital products

Keep in mind you’ll need content to fill each of these three elements, but with the advent of AI technologies you can now create copy for each asset faster than ever before.

And with systems like Keap and CustomerHub, all of the best practices and technology have been simplified so you can implement your first funnel in as little as an afternoon.

How much should I charge for my micro membership or course?

Pricing your knowledge products involves understanding your audience and the value of the problems you’re helping them solve.

For micro memberships, we typically recommend starting between $7 and $19 per month. If this beginning rate seems too low, remember that Netflix was built on the back of $8 membership fees.

When it comes to online courses, flexibility is key. While we typically see initial courses go for $39-$799, it’s also common for master level programs to sell for thousands. Pick a starting price that you’re comfortable with, then be ready to adjust your pricing strategy based on audience feedback and market demand. Many people will not pay more than $1,000 without talking to a sales person.

If you find yourself experiencing a mental or emotional block related to charging for your content, remind yourself how the average American spends more than $92 per month on coffee. You’ll be providing a lot more value than a latte ever could over the course of the month with your online course or membership content.

You can also do research to see how similar memberships or courses are priced. However, make sure to prioritize YOUR expertise! Remember that YOU are a part of your product and can deliver unique value because of your unique personality, perspective and experience.

Why should I do any of this if people can go to YouTube, ask ChatGPT or simply search the internet to get free advice about what I teach?

The internet is vast, and it can be overwhelming for many people. While it’s true a lot of content is available for free, there’s still a cost in time to find a credible expert or source and curate all of the content needed to solve a particular problem. People are generally happy to pay for focused and trusted help that can get them real results.

One question you might consider is: Do your current customers avoid paying you for the problems you help them solve and turn to YouTube videos instead? The answer, of course, is no. If they’re willing to pay you now for in-person services, most of them will also be willing to pay for your digital help!

Take the first step toward monetizing your expertise

Embracing micro memberships and online courses opens doors to unparalleled business growth. The flexibility to offer bite-sized memberships or comprehensive courses caters to diverse audiences. With CustomerHub, your content can be online in minutes, connecting you with eager learners and ensuring your knowledge becomes your most valuable asset.

Ready to monetize your expertise? Start your journey with CustomerHub, the membership and course platform that makes it easy to get started and supports you as you grow.

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