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How small businesses use sales and marketing automation with Keap

Easy Automations and Advanced Automations—more growth in less time

Use each solo or both combined. Either way, you’ll convert more leads and close more deals with highly personalized and automated follow-up.

Example of when, then, automation in Keap software

Keap customers save 10 hours a week*

Save time by automating repetitive tasks like lead capture and follow-up so you can focus on your business.

*Source: Keap Customer Survey 2020

Automating leads in Keap software

Convert leads with automated follow-up

Send text and email follow-ups to potential clients as soon as they fill out a form on your website or social media.

44% of potential clients move on to another company if you don't respond fast enough.* Quick follow-up with your clients drives repeat sales and more referrals.

*Source: Keap Customer Survey 2020

Close more sales with a CRM powered by sales and marketing automation

Capture lead info like behavior, preferences, or likeliness to buy, and then use Keap’s sales and marketing automation to more effectively convert those leads into clients.

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Integrate thousands of tools and apps to trigger automations in Keap

Connect to over 4,000 apps with Keap’s Zapier integration. Your third-party apps can be integrated to trigger more effective (and creative) sales and marketing automations in Keap.

Illustration of attaching various services with Easy Automation
When you have a business, it's pretty time-consuming. You want to spend time with family and friends, on your health, things like that. Keap gives you the ability to go and do that because the follow-up is automated. You get peace of mind.

Eric Saar | Slingshot Media Consulting

Keap customers save time and grow with Easy Automations like:

Take leads from contact form to appointment booked without doing a thing.

When clients book an appointment, they’ll get scheduled reminders automatically.

New leads create a new deal in your sales pipeline with emails about offerings and promotions to follow.

Automations will remind your clients when they’ve overlooked an invoice and send a thank you email once they’ve paid in full.

Image of Keap Lite's home screen, welcoming back the user and showing updates for leads, clients, invoiced contacts, and paid customers.
Image of Keap Pro's home screen, showing the customer lifecycle and how many leads and customers are currently in different stages.
Image of Keap Max's dashboard.
Image of Keap Max's dashboard.

Scale up and automate anything with Keap’s Advanced Automations builder

Advanced Automations builder lets you customize your sales and marketing processes to create predictable, repeatable growth with advanced nurture sequences, personalization response triggers, and much more.

Plus, integrations with thousands of powerful apps and tools mean you can suit the unique needs of your business.

A few ways Keap customers are growing through automation

"With the automation in Keap, we're able to streamline our follow-up, by using emails that we built into our lead conversion campaign."

Jeremy Jones

Funktional Fitness

"Before Keap, I spent lots of time filtering through clients. Now, I can rely on automation to do that."

Nuno Silva


"With automation, I'm able to anticipate what a customer's going to ask, what they'll want to know; and I can automate that process to make sure they get what they need, when they need it."

Jerome Davis

Urban Professionals

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is sales and marketing automation?

    Sales and marketing automations perform daily sales and marketing tasks automatically, freeing up lost time and effort. EG: Sending email drip campaigns, follow-up messages, thank you messages and social media posts. You can also set up automatic invoices, payment reminders, appointment scheduling, and much more.

    Learn more:

    What is marketing automation?

    What is sales automation?

  • How does automation benefit my business?

    Automating new and existing tasks saves time so you can focus on other areas of your business. Plus, sales and marketing automations improve organization, create more personalized communication, generate more sales, and ultimately boosts revenue.

  • What sales and marketing automation features does Keap's platform offer?

    With Keap's sales and marketing autiomation features, you can use preset Easy Automations or create custom processes to:

    • Send text and email follow-ups to potential clients

    • Take leads from contact form to appointment booked

    • Schedule reminders of client's appontments

    • Turn new leads into new deals in your sales pipeline, with emails about offerings and promotions to follow

    • Send invoice reminders and thank you emails...

    • and much more

  • What tools for CRM automation does Keap provide?

    Keap allows you to easily automate several parts of your CRM workflow:

    • Lead organization

    • Daily repetitive work

    • Follow-ups

    • Closing leads

    • Invoice creation and collection

    • Customer relations

  • Is Keap's marketing automation a lead generation software?

    While Keap does not "find" leads for you, it does manage your leads as they move through the sales pipeline. By automating lead nurture campaigns, you can close more deals with less work.

  • Does Keap have sales and marketing automation experts to help me set up my account?

    You're never alone. Our Expert Coaching team will provide you with solutions and strategies that will allow you to grow sales and save time with confidence. We also have chat support, a help center, and user community.

  • What is the difference between Keap's marketing automation and sales automation?

    Sales automations focus on closing pending and existing deals. Marketing automations entice new leads, nurture existing leads, upsell to current clients, and build long term loyalty with your customers.

  • How can I learn to use marketing automation like a pro?

    We’ll get you up and running with our New Customer Webinars. These quick-paced, easy-to-follow sessions (just 60 minutes) translate learning into actionable steps and keep your business moving forward.

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