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Go from proposal to paying client faster with Keap’s CRM with quote management

Keap’s CRM software with quoting features streamlines the proposal process so that small businesses can submit estimates easily and get paid sooner.

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Estimates, proposals, quotes. Whatever you call it, our CRM with quoting software has you covered.

Create a proposal template with your logo and standard services in minutes. Customize it as needed and share it with clients instantly. Save and store your quotes to be used over and over again.

Screenshot of a Keap quote

Move leads along with sales pipeline automation

Trigger quote and invoice email sequences automatically when you move a lead from one sales stage to the next. Never miss a step in your sales process, so you can close leads more consistently.

Moving contact from Quote state to Quote email stage.

Automate quote follow-up

Let Keap automatically follow up with leads who haven’t accepted the quote yet, so you can move deals along faster. Spend less time on manual follow-up and more time serving clients.

Screenshot of the software, showing how you can edit quotes and templates

Quotes: easy to create, easy to accept

Get to yes faster with quotes that can be accepted with a touch of a button. Your clients review and accept the quote right from their phone. No faxing, scanning, or printing required.

Person holding a tablet, showing a quote, with an easy accept button.

Convert quotes to invoices in one step

When the work is done, Keap converts your quotes into an invoice with one click, saving you time and getting invoices out faster.

Screenshot of the software showing how you can convert a quote to an invoice with one click

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is quotation in CRM?

    CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software stores all lead and client information in one place, allowing you to easily access contact information, notes, quotes, invoices, pipeline stage, etc. Some CRM apps, like Keap, use the information from your CRM to automatically populate quotes, which can then be sent via email or text, all from the same app. This saves you from having to copy and paste (or retype) client info in multiple places.

  • What is the difference between a quote and an invoice?

    The primary difference between quotes and invoices is that invoices are payable and quotes are not. Quotes are estimates given before the client agrees to the service. An invoice is sent after the quote has been accepted and payment is due. In Keap, quotes have the ability to be accepted through an ‘accept quote’ button and ‘converted to an invoice.’ Quotes also have terms and conditions that can be added.

  • Can a quote be turned into multiple invoices?

    Each quote can only be turned into one invoice, but you can add a deposit to an invoice if you need to request some of the payment up front and the remainder upon project completion.

  • Can I use the products or services I already have set up in my Keap app in a quote?

    Yes, you can access any product or service you have in the app for your quote. You can also create new products/services directly in the quote and they will be saved in your app for future re-use.

  • Can I edit a quote after I’ve sent it in Keap?

    Yes, you can edit a quote after it’s been sent. The quote will enter an “updated” state that the client will see if they view that quote again. You can also re-send the updated quote.

  • Will Keap’s quoting software trigger automation?

    Yes, you can use the Quote Status goal to trigger automation when quotes are sent, viewed, and accepted.

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