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Data collection is a must, but no one likes manual data entry

Smart Forms automate your internal business processes and make data collection easier on your team.

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Keap Smart Forms from contact record

Your business. Your process.

Customize as many Smart Forms as you need, tailored to your different business needs, then easily collect client data.

  • Create all manner of forms, including default contact fields and custom contact fields
  • Collect the key information you need, one and done
  • Contact fields can be merged into emails and other follow up communication
  • Add fields specific to your business—you’ll have a form for any of your unique situations
Multiple versions of Smart Forms

No more information slipping through the cracks

Create an automated workflow in the Campaign Builder to run your business process automatically and consistently.

  • Create dropdown options to capture the exact information you need every time a form is filled out
  • Use information collected to fully customize the automation for the specific situation, triggering sequences based on how a form is answered
Smart Form flow step within Campaign Builder

Smart Forms = Intuitive

Collect the information you need, right the first time.

  • Guide your team in real-time to reduce training time and process errors with helper text, required fields, and default field values
  • Avoid errors and database clutter by letting your team know if the contact they are adding already exists
Smart Form demonstrating built-in field validation

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