8 best mortgage CRM software for brokers and lenders

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Updated: Jun 12, 2022 · 12 min read

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8 best mortgage CRM software for brokers and lenders

For most industries, a CRM for client management isn’t just a luxury anymore. It’s a must. This is especially true for mortgage companies, brokers, loan officers, and lenders.

With home prices shooting through the roof with reported 19% growth in 2021 compared to the year before, the mortgage industry hasn’t just been competitive. It’s one of the most fast-paced, cutthroat industries out there. In order to stay ahead of the competition, it’s important that every mortgage professional makes sure their business is supported by powerful CRM software for real estate. Because the competition surely will be, giving them the advantage in a fierce market.

What is mortgage CRM software?

The benefits are many. Mortgage CRM software helps lenders and brokers with a variety tasks that are time sensitive, confidential, and business-building, such as:

  • Realtor follow-up
  • Closing deals
  • Automating marketing efforts
  • Centralizing all communication with existing clients
  • Maintaining communication with prospects and leads

A CRM for mortgage brokers allows for industry-specific application and customization—making it reliable when converting mortgage loan borrowers and building trust among clients. Deciding to buy a house and take out a loan is usually one of the biggest decisions a person can make; they need the reassurance that their broker or lender is going to offer the best service and knowledge as they put their assets in their hands. Having a system that is quick, responsive, and intuitive goes a long way in establishing this perception.

What can CRM for mortgage do?

Some of the main features a mortgage loan CRM often includes are automation, pipeline management, regulation compliance, referral management, and mortgage event notifications. Having all of these in a CRM for mortgage loan officers keeps all client information in one centralized location to streamline contact management.

  • Automation: Having the power to automate means spending less time manually entering marketing, sales and contact information into the system. Plus, automation eliminates a lot of the time it takes for communication and follow-up. This creates more time for lenders and brokers to meet with clients and nurture those relationships.

  • Pipeline management: Having pipeline integration enables lenders and brokers to glance at their loan reports, tracking loans and status values in their loan originating software (LOS). This way, contact information and loan data can be found in one place.

  • Referral management: The lender and broker industry depends heavily on the frequency of referrals. Referrals are easier to come by when a reliable referral campaign is in place, such as a drip marketing campaign that can be initiated and organized through a mortgage CRM.

  • Mortgage event notifications: A mortgage CRM includes an appointments calendar that lenders and brokers can program to remind them of special events with notes and alerts. They also include essential information and reminders involving increased annual premiums and upfront mortgage insurance rates.

  • Regulation compliance: It is imperative that lenders and brokers stay on top of updates regarding regulations and compliance in the housing industry, especially when their clients are depending on them for up-to-date information regarding how their interest rates may be affected. A mortgage CRM provides a module that can be programmed to ensure brokers and lenders are in compliance with the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).

The 8 best mortgage CRM systems

When in the process of evaluating the top mortgage CRM systems, we took into consideration features, pricing, platforms, and reviews. When selecting a CRM for mortgage loan officers, the system should have the ability to store information for local and remote access, it should effortlessly integrate with other programs, especially LOS systems and accounting.

It should also be accessible to a web-based customer portal for loan applications and have data-collecting capabilities, including phone numbers, email addresses, banking information, and any other contact information. The nature of the job for brokers and lenders is to send a lot of paperwork back and forth throughout the day, which can get confusing. A mortgage CRM alleviates this problem and streamlines how documents are sent to and from clients in the pipeline more efficiently.

1. Keap

Pricing & Tiers Strengths & Weaknesses Notable Features
  • Enterprise: Pro and Max options add more features suiting larger businesses
  • Entry Level: Free 14-day trial available , new freemium version also available
  • All paid plans include access to a small business Growth Coach and 24/7 support
  • More than 2,500 integrations and growing
  • New ecommerce and native payment options make billing and invoicing easy
  • Powerful sales and marketing platform allows for a variety of intuitive automations that keep the sales funnel growing
  • Keap is currently (and constantly) adding new marketing and landing page templates for customer use
  • Text message marketing, including broadcast texts with some plans, is a new feature
  • Popular mobile app that offers a lot of the same functionality as the desktop app
  • Dedicated business phone line that works on your personal smartphone
  • New ecommerce and native payment options make billing and invoicing easy
  • Brokers can easily upsell, cross sell, and gain referrals

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2. Zendesk Sell

Pricing & Tiers Strengths & Weaknesses Notable Features
  • Starting Price: $45 per user, per month
  • Enterprise: Professional- and enterprise-level options also available as are some add-ons
  • Entry Level: Free 14-day trial available
  • Sales automations that are suited for businesses with B2B and B2C clients
  • Serves small- and medium-sized businesses well
  • Sales pipeline features are built to increase sales productivity and lead conversion quickly
  • Support seems to be an issue for some reviewers
  • Some users report wanting more out of reporting features
  • Standalone sales automation module for integrated campaigns
  • Includes a well-liked mobile app that is great for any phone platform
  • Sales email intelligence is an advanced feature that helps manage customer information coming from email interactions
  • Native dialer tool captures valuable customer communication data
  • Good integrations with many APIs and SDKs

3. Cimmaron

Pricing & Tiers Strengths & Weaknesses Notable Features
  • Starting Price: $60 per user, per month
  • Enterprise: $100 per user, per month (with same add-ons as above) level provides a lot of additional features
  • Entry Level: No free trial available
  • Focus on client satisfaction in sales process
  • Solid functionality for client management, automated marketing campaigns, and lead management
  • Nice amount of customizable templates and other marketing materials
  • Many features available at upgraded pricing tiers are standard with other platforms
  • Pricing structure prohibitive to solopreneurs or small organizations
  • Intuitive dashboard customization options available
  • Great client and partner mobile app
  • Great integrations with LOS providers (at an additional cost, unfortunately)
  • Two-way texting and contact chat works wonderfully (available only at Enterprise level)
  • Great automated marketing processes for every stage of the sales funnel

4. Whiteboard

Pricing & Tiers Strengths & Weaknesses Notable Features
  • Starting Price: $79 per user, per month, plus a $299 setup fee
  • Enterprise: Texting can be added as an upgrade for as low as $33 per user, per month
  • Entry Level: No free trial available
  • Easy to use with simple navigation and minimal top tabs
  • Strong mobile app allows users to manage communications, tasks, and records on the go
  • Detailed reporting for all aspects of pipeline management
  • No built-in business phone system
  • Some reviews claim hardships with creating campaign content
  • Integrates well with many LOS
  • Integrates with real estate lead sites like Zillow and
  • Team communication features for SMS and email
  • Built-in automations for telling a referral partner that a lender or broker is assigned
  • Solid automation features for lead follow-up and paperwork

5. Pipedrive

Pricing & Tiers Strengths & Weaknesses Notable Features
  • Starting Price: $12.50 per user, per month
  • Enterprise: Options available up to $99 per user, per month
  • Entry Level: Free 14-day trial available
  • Pricing options are affordable and incredibly competitive in the space
  • A lot of positive comments about how easy the platform is to learn
  • Integrates with hundreds of notable financial apps
  • Lacks some more advanced features that benefit mortgage professionals
  • No SMS inclusion
  • Solid integrations with Calyx, LendingPad, PropertyRadar, and more
  • CRM structure and features are heavily client-focused
  • Customer portal provides real-time updates and allows you to access doc
  • Ability to customize reports, pipelines, and dashboards
  • Chat and email support available around the clock

6. Surefire

Pricing & Tiers Strengths & Weaknesses Notable Features
  • Starting Price: $150 per month, per user
  • Enterprise: Different pricing tiers available, including a one-time setup fee
  • Entry Level: No free trial available
  • Offers helpful integrations with Power Calling, Power Video, and Power Messaging
  • Strong integration with Floify’s POS and 1003 loan app
  • Lacks deep sales pipedrive analytics
  • Powerful name recognition in the mortgage industry, but features aren’t keeping up with competition
  • Good mobile app for client contact from anywhere
  • Automated email marketing campaigns with available templates
  • Customized and branded landing pages with forms for pre-application process
  • Co-branded marketing and flyers with referral partners
  • Solid segmentation process, making personalized content easy to produce and send

7. BNTouch

Pricing & Tiers Strengths & Weaknesses Notable Features
  • Starting Price: $148 per month, plus $99 activation fee, per individual
  • Enterprise: Quoted separately, team options also available
  • Entry Level: No free trial available
  • Available templates and content for campaigns, video and email included
  • Strong integrations with lead sites like LendingTree and LoanBright
  • Convenient accessibility to 1003 loan application online forms and loan partner application portals
  • UX/UI is a bit rough and can be glitchy in areas
  • No display or button layout customization
  • Automation for voice and text communication with borrowers
  • Timely tap-to-call functionality for offering refi options to borrowers
  • Many templates and premade content that can be customized for campaigns
  • Integrations with third-party real estate sites
  • Automated lead communication and loan notification (upgraded plans)

8. Jungo

Pricing & Tiers Strengths & Weaknesses Notable Features
  • Starting Price: $99 per user, per month
  • Enterprise: Not available
  • Entry Level: No free trial available
  • A real estate CRM in addition to a CRM for the mortgage industry
  • Auto-syncs with LOS software, including Encompass, Calyx, and Byte
  • Mobile app available
  • Spotty customer service reported in online reviews
  • Generating reports is complicated
  • Some automation available for drip email campaigns
  • CRM integrations with LOS products
  • Great automated pipeline reports for monitoring leads from referral partners
  • Built-in customer review database that allows for searches by interest rate and date of purchase
  • DocsBar feature stores and auto-updates client documents

Conclusion: Keap is the robust all-in-one solution

No doubt each one of these names has happy clients and loyal advocates. Hat tips to all. However, Keap’s suite of products, including Pro and Max, offers features that support loan officers, such as pipeline management and client management. In addition, Keap’s products can also help brokers and lenders with their messaging, appointments, signed documents and above all, allowing more time to spend with clients, talking them through the always—daunting loan application process, and trading apprehension for confidence as they build a better business relationship.

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Pro tip

Don’t try to choose a CRM before you get hands-on experience. And don’t take our word for it. Dive into a 14-day free trial of Keap and see, firsthand, how it works for your mortgage business.

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