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8 best mortgage CRM software for brokers and lenders

Laura Dolan

Sep 22, 2020 · 12 min read

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8 best mortgage CRM software for brokers and lenders

When you think of the term CRM for client management, many industries come to mind: real estate, accounting, retail, the restaurant industry, but especially software in the way of a CRM for mortgage brokers and lenders. CRM software for real estate and mortgage professional help loan officers organize their clients and tasks as they expand their pipelines and close loans in the most efficient and rapid ways possible. Some of the main features a mortgage CRM includes are centralizing contact information and keeping track of correspondence, creating a lead magnet for realtors, automating marketing efforts, creating a space for referrals and loan pipeline management, to name a few.

A mortgage CRM can remedy the pain points of loan officers and lenders by helping them stand out in an industry that requires very little distinction among mortgage companies. Besides offering competitive interest rates, a mortgage CRM can assist in promoting the different programs that are offered for borrowers as well as improving client communications and building robust relationships. Some of the best mortgage CRMs on the market include:

  • Keap
  • Zendesk Sell
  • Whiteboard
  • Cimmaron
  • Freshsales
  • Firepoint
  • FreeAgent
  • What is mortgage CRM software?

    Mortgage CRM software helps lenders and brokers automate their most time consuming tasks including partner follow up, realtor follow up, closing deals, keeping track of clients in the pipeline as well as maintaining communication with prospects and leads. A CRM for mortgage lenders streamlines the process of signing and uploading paperwork by expediting the documents through the system, making the procedure as smooth and as painless as possible. A CRM for mortgage brokers allows for an industry-specific type of operation–something that is reliable enough to convert mortgage loan borrowers and builds trust among clients. Deciding to buy a house and take out a loan is usually one of the biggest decisions a person can make; they need the reassurance that their broker or lender is going to offer the best service and knowledge as they put their assets in their hands.

    What can CRM for mortgage do?

    Some of the main features a mortgage loan CRM often includes are automation, pipeline management, regulation compliance, referral management, and mortgage event notifications. Having these in a CRM for mortgage loan officers will help them find all of their client information in one centralized location to streamline their contact management.

  • Automation: having the power to automate means spending less time manually entering marketing, sales and contact information into the system. This creates more time for lenders and brokers to meet with clients and nurture those relationships.
  • Pipeline management: having pipeline integration enables lenders and brokers to glance at their loan reports, track loans and status values in their loan originating software (LOS). This way, contact information and loan data can be found in one place.
  • Referral management: the lender and broker industry depends heavily on the frequency of referrals. Referrals are easier to come by when a reliable referral campaign is in place, such as a drip marketing campaign that can be initiated and organized through a mortgage CRM.
  • Mortgage event notifications: a mortgage CRM includes an appointments calendar that lenders and brokers can program to remind them of special events with notes and alerts. They also include essential information and reminders involving increased annual premiums and upfront mortgage insurance rates.
  • Regulation compliance: it is imperative that lenders and brokers stay on top of updates regarding regulations and compliance in the housing industry, especially when their clients are depending on them for up-to-date information regarding how their interest rates may be affected. A mortgage CRM provides a module that can be programmed to ensure brokers and lenders are in compliance with the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).
  • The 8 best mortgage CRM systems

    When in the process of evaluating what constitutes the top mortgage CRM systems, we took into consideration features, pricing, platforms and reviews. When selecting a CRM for mortgage loan officers, the system should have the ability to store information locally on the software as well as in a cloud-based situation, it should effortlessly integrate with other programs, especially LOS systems and accounting.

    It should also be accessible to a web-based customer portal for loan applications and have data collecting capabilities including contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, banking information, etc. The nature of the job for brokers and lenders is to send a lot of paperwork back and forth throughout the day, making the files very susceptible to confusion. A mortgage CRM alleviates this chaos and streamlines how documents are sent to and from clients in the pipeline more efficiently.

    1. Keap’s suite of products

    Product Keap Grow Keap Pro Infusionsoft
    Pricing $79 $149 $199
    Business Size Small Small Small
    Target Audience Startups, New businesses Established service-based businesses Teams and agencies
    Main Features Client management (mortgage CRM)-Email marketing, Business phone line and text messaging, Appointments, Quotes, invoices, and payments Everything in Keap Grow plus: Marketing and sales automation, Recurring payments, Landing page builder, Smart forms and reports For teams and agencies that need: Client management (CRM software for mortgage brokers), Marketing and sales automation, Lead scoring and company records, Advanced reporting and ecommerce

    The following products also exemplify the best CRM for mortgage professionals:

    2. Zendesk Sell

  • Pricing: Team - $19/month; Professional - $49/month; Enterprise - $99/month; Elite - $199/month
  • Business size: Conducive for small, medium and large companies, Zendesk Sell is a web and mobile-based CRM enabling lenders and brokers to manage their sales, track leads and engage proactively with customers from any location.
  • The system offers sales automation for integrating with different channels and provides web self-service. The CRM also allows loan officers to monitor sales with a clear view into the sales pipeline with its reporting feature.

  • Team Features: Customized sales pipeline, Full featured mobile CRM, Email Integration (includes Gmail), Click to dial and call recording, Basic sales reporting, Admin-only fields, Public apps and integrations, Single sign on.
  • Professional Features: Team plus Personalized bulk emailing, Unlimited email templates, Sales goals and forecasting, Unlimited custom fields, Mailchimp integration, Zapier integration, Advanced call analytics, Core API, Private apps.
  • Enterprise Features: Professional plus Up to 2 sales pipelines, Activity Reports, Advanced permissions, Product catalog, Lead and deal scoring, Hubspot integration, Task automation, Customized notifications, Power Dialer & Call Scripts.
  • Elite Features: Enterprise plus Unlimited sales pipelines, Rep performance dashboard, Sales Insights reports, Firehose API, Sync API, Search API, Premium CS Support.
  • 3.

  • Pricing: Basic - $8/month; Standard - $10/month; Pro - $16/month; Enterprise
  • Business size: caters to small, medium and large companies with a mortgage CRM that assists in the following use cases: project management, marketing, sales, time management, and allowing lenders and brokers to work remotely. The CRM can also be integrated with existing programs, allowing data to sync all in one place.
  • Basic Features: Forms, Communication with context, Unlimited free viewers, iOS and Android apps, Dashboards (1 board/dashboard).
  • Standard Features: Basic plus Timeline & Calendar views, Share boards with guests, Advanced search, Automations (250 actions/month), Integrations (250 actions/month), Dashboards (3 boards/dashboard).
  • Pro Features: Standard plus Private boards Chart view, Time tracking, Formula column, Automations (25,000 actions/month), Integrations (25,000 actions/month), Dashboards (10 boards/dashboard).
  • Enterprise Features: Pro plus Enterprise-scale Automations & Integrations, Enterprise-grade security & governance, Advanced reporting & analytics, Multi-level permissions, Tailored onboarding, Premium support, Dashboards (50 boards/dashboard).
  • 4. Whiteboard

  • Pricing: $79/month
  • Business size: Whiteboard provides a CRM for mortgage lenders and a mortgage CRM with SMS as a cloud-based solution for small businesses. It helps loan originators and officers associate with customers, correspond with partners and organize campaigns in an effort to manage content, prioritize tasks and capture referral sources.
  • Whiteboard provides pre-written call scripts and templates, streamlining how lenders accumulate contact information and communicate with clients and partners. It also offers automated loan status alerts and lead conversion metrics.

  • Features: lead management, pipeline management, partner management, task management, team-based texting, mobile app, LOS integrations, reports and analytics.
  • 5. Cimmaron

  • Pricing: $100/month
  • Business size: Cimmaron is a CRM software built for small, medium and large mortgage professionals helping them capture more leads, increase their amount of referrals and close more loans. Their CRM also assists in automated marketing, lead and contact management, two-way texting, video email marketing, user chat and LOS integration.
  • Features: Two way texting/contact chat, Video email marketing, Monthly client and referral partner newsletters, Mortgage broker CRM system, Pre-built marketing content, Unlimited contact records, Live lead integration, Loan Officer mobile app, Borrower mobile app, System user chat, Phone integration, Text notifications, Microsoft Exchange integration, Mortgage marketing content.
  • 6. Freshsales

  • Pricing: Blossom - $12/month; Garden - $25/month; Estate - $49/month; Forest - $79/month
  • Business size: Freshsales provides a mortgage lead CRM for small, medium and large firms with Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based lead scoring, contact information capture, sales pipeline management, workflows and event tracking.
  • Blossom Features: Lead, Contact , Account, and Deal Management, Visual Sales Pipeline, 2-way Email Sync, Lead Scoring, Phone powered by Freshcaller, SMS Integration, Freshworks Integrations Marketplace Apps.
  • Garden Features: Lead, Contact, Account, and Deal Management, Multiple Sales Pipelines, 2-way Email Sync, Lead Scoring, Phone powered by Freshcaller, SMS Integration, Freshworks Integrations, Freshmarketer Garden, Marketplace Apps, API Access, 250 Bulk Emails/user/day, 5 Sales Sequences/user, 10 Workflow Automations, 10 Teams, Territories and Lead Assignment, Smart Matches, Custom Roles.
  • Estate Features: Lead, Contact, Account, and Deal Management, Multiple Sales Pipelines, 2-way Email Sync, Advanced Lead Scoring, Phone powered by Freshcaller, SMS Integration, Freshworks Integrations, Freshmarketer Estate, Marketplace Apps, API Access, 1000 Bulk Emails/user/day, 10 Sales Sequences/user, 25 Workflow Automations, 25 Teams, Territories and Lead Assignment, Smart Matches, Custom Roles, Advanced Reports, Advanced CRM Customization, Auto Profile Enrichment, Reports Dashboard, Smartforms and Event Tracking, Multi Currency.
  • Forest Features: Lead, Contact, Account, and Deal Management, Multiple Sales Pipelines, 2-way Email Sync, Advanced Lead Scoring, Phone powered by Freshcaller, SMS Integration, Freshworks Integrations, Freshmarketer Estate, Marketplace Apps, API Access, 5000 Bulk Emails/user/day, 25 Sales Sequences/user, 100 Workflow Automations, 50 Teams, Territories and Lead Assignment, Smart Matches, Custom Roles, Advanced Reports, Advanced CRM Customization, Auto Profile Enrichment, Reports Dashboard, Smartforms and Event Tracking, Multi Currency, Sales Goals, EEA Data Center, IP Whitelisting, Audit Logs, Dedicated Account Manager.
  • 7. Firepoint

  • Pricing: $499/month
  • Business size: Firepoint is a platform built for small, medium and large mortgage companies. It assists with lead capture promotion, automation, distribution, follow up and closing more sales. It helps agents, brokers and loan officers develop a one-stop-shop for all of their business insights, client relationship nurturing and networking in the real estate business.
  • Features: lead generation, automation, integrations, mobile app, scheduling, reporting and insights, communications suite (texting, emailing, calling and recording).
  • 8. FreeAgent

  • Pricing: Essentials - $25/month; Professional - $75/month; Enterprise - $135/month; Unlimited - $250/month
  • Business size: FreeAgent CRM delivers small, medium and large brokers and lenders the opportunity to create a customizable cloud-based platform for incomparable productivity and growth. FreeAgent leverages AI for guided selling and a streamlined workflow of prioritized tasks to gain insights into all activity associated with the sales pipeline.
  • Essentials Features: Account, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity Management, Email Integration with Gmail or Outlook, mobile app.
  • Professional Features: Essentials plus Lead Capture and Rules-Based Lead Scoring and Pipeline and Forecast Management via TimeMachine™.
  • Enterprise Features: Professional plus Automation and Process Management.
  • Unlimited Features: Enterprise plus 24/7 Support and Configuration Assistance and Outsourced Sales Operations.

  • Keap is the all-in-one CRM solution

    As far as the best CRM for mortgage lenders go, Keap’s suite of products including Grow, Pro and Infusionsoft by Keap are not specifically marketed only to mortgage brokers and lenders, but to many small business owners alike in a variety of different industries. However, they do include features that support loan officers such as pipeline management and client management software. In addition, Keap’s products can also help brokers and lenders with their messaging, appointments, signed documents and above all, allowing more time to spend with clients, talking them through the always daunting loan application process and easing their apprehension to solidify a better business relationship.

    Real Estate CRM With Sales & Marketing Automation

    Keap's suite of CRM, sales, and marketing tools helps real estate professionals get organized, follow up, and automate to increase sales and save time.

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