Welcome Email Templates to Convert Leads and Engage Customers

6 ready-made email nurture series templates for new subscribers and new customers

Welcome Email Templates
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Welcome Email Templates to Convert Leads and Engage Customers

6 ready-made email nurture series templates for new subscribers and new customers

When a person has just subscribed or bought for the first time, their interest is high. They likely want to learn more about your brand and what you can offer them.

Because of this heightened interest, welcome emails typically have higher open and click-through rates than standard marketing emails.

That makes welcome emails a powerful opportunity to:

  • Help solve challenges and build trust in your expertise
  • Educate subscribers about your business
  • Build a relationship with your ideal customers
  • Encourage leads along a path to becoming a client

Are you maximizing this opportunity to engage your new subscribers and buyers and make a great first impression ? If not, we’ll help you change that by giving you welcome email templates you can implement right away, as well as some guidance on best practices.

You’re probably wondering what kind of content you should include in your welcome email series. You can look at the examples below to get inspiration for writing your own emails, or download and customize these pre-written email templates.

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Welcome email template examples

Let’s look at a few examples of different types of welcome emails for inspiration.

You’ll notice some recurring themes in these examples:

  • Upbeat, welcoming, congratulatory tone
  • Setting expectations about what’s next
  • Alleviating concerns the reader might have
  • Reselling the value of the product, the brand, the community
  • Sharing valuable, popular content

The “please whitelist us” welcome email

Welcome Email Example with the text: p.p.s. Remember to whitelist all emails coming from Teachable (the instructions on how to do that are here). If you're a Gmail user, just drag emails to the Primary tab and you'll be on your way.

Source: Really Good Emails

You could simply send an email that says, “Thanks for your interest in Company Name. Please add this email address to your contacts or to your safe senders list so you’ll get all the great stuff we have coming your way.”

But that’s kind of boring, so another way of doing it is to add the whitelist request to the P.S. of an email with more valuable content in the body of the email, as seen in the example above from Teachable.

If you look at the full Teachable email, it’s an excellent example of:

  • Clearly stating up front the purpose of the email
  • Sharing emotional quotes from customers that viscerally communicate the purpose of the Teachable community

On the flip side, this is a very long email, and many people won’t read to the end… which means they might not see the P.S. asking the subscriber to whitelist them. To avoid this problem, split content up into a series of multiple welcome emails.

The “watch this video to get started” welcome email

Welcome to YNAB email example. Full copy in YNAB link below.

Source: Really Good Emails

Sharing a video is a great way to provide important foundational content that both educates subscribers and shows off your expertise.

This example from YNAB also showcases how your welcome email can convey your brand voice and put your customers at ease. This is especially important with topics that your audience might find intimidating or may have had difficulty with in the past.

The YNAB email also does a great job by offering the same content in written form, and letting readers know that they can get help from customer service too. There’s a lot of valuable content packed into a short email.

The “next steps in your subscription” welcome email

Refreshments email example. Full copy in Refreshments link below.

Source: Really Good Emails

If you have a subscription product, then the welcome email is an important reminder of what to expect immediately and over time. This is a great opportunity to reiterate the value of your subscription and reinforce the feeling that the customer made a smart purchase.

Check out this example from Refreshments, which has a celebratory tone and leads with the message that “all you have to do is nothing,” conveying ease of use and a smart purchase.

After the order confirmation details, the next section of the email clearly explains what to expect as part of the subscription and the customizable aspects of the subscription. This does a great job of alleviating concerns a consumer might have that they’ll get things they don’t want and end up paying too much.

The “browse our favorite blogs” welcome email

The Field Report email example. Full copy in The Field Report link below.

Source: Really Good Emails

If content is a big part of what you offer, then the welcome email is a great place to show off your most popular pieces. This works for traditional blogging but also for video blogging.

This example from The Field Report begins with a short message that describes what kind of person this subscription is for, and a gentle reminder to whitelist their email address. The rest of the email features top articles in three areas of common interest to readers. They use lots of beautiful photos to appeal to their aesthetic-sensitive readers.

To get this kind of series for yourself right now, check out the newsletter subscription email templates in our free guide, Welcome Email Templates. Sign up for them using the form on this page.

The “follow us on social media” welcome email

Brightly email example. Full copy in Brightly link below.

Source: Really Good Emails

If you have a highly engaged social media following, then you may want to encourage new subscribers to join the community on your social channels.

This Brightly example leads with a super-short welcome and expectation-setting, followed by a couple of content links, then focuses mainly on social media CTAs. This section makes it clear what the benefits are of engaging on social media and specifies what hashtag to use.

Maximize welcome email engagement by using a series

Single welcome emails like the ones above are acceptable, but a series of 3-6 emails is ideal for engaging your new lead or customer and solidifying your relationship with them.

Having multiple touchpoints is important because subscribers get many emails and have a lot of competition for their attention, so they may miss your welcome email if you have only one. A series of emails provides multiple opportunities for them to see the emails, and also allows you to drip out valuable content over time and inspire further action.

Six types of welcome email nurture templates

Let’s look at some common types of welcome email series. For all of the examples below, you can download the pre-written templates (using the form on this page) and customize them to your business.

1. Lead magnet delivery email sequence

This email sequence is designed to deliver a lead magnet, begin to establish you as an expert in your field, and outline what your subscriber can expect next.

2. Newsletter subscription email templates

This series is for new subscribers to your newsletter, blog, or mailing list. You’ll share some valuable content right away and let them know what to expect going forward.

3. Free trial welcome series templates

When a lead signs up for a trial of your product or service, use this email welcome series to help them get value from the trial and see the benefits of purchasing the full product.

4. New client onboarding welcome templates

This series is especially helpful for service-based businesses and can be used to set expectations, communicate what next steps to take, and provide links to key documents. It helps improve the client experience and boost retention.

5. New customer welcome email templates

This series is geared towards product-based businesses to engage a customer after their first purchase. Use it for upsells, referral and review requests, and building brand loyalty.

6. Loyalty program welcome sequence templates

This series of emails is designed to outline how your loyalty program works, request more information about the loyalty member, and provide an offer to get started.

Download ready-made welcome email templates for free

To get the templates for all six of the series listed above, including pre-written text that you can copy, paste, and customize, download our free guide, .

Then start your 14-day free trial of Keap to select beautiful ready-made email template designs, set up the welcome series automation in minutes with our user-friendly Easy Automations, connect it to your opt-in form on your website, then sit back and let the system do the work of welcoming your new subscribers while you take on the next challenge in your business.

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