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Make every fundraising dollar go further with a nonprofit CRM

Keap's CRM and Sales & Marketing Automation software helps nonprofits get organized, reduce administrative overhead, and generate more impact.

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Use Keap for:

  • Audience segmentation
  • Campaign messages
  • Donation payments
  • Thank you messages
  • Donation receipts
  • Volunteer reminders
  • Event announcements
  • Personalized automation
  • Relationship management
We've been able to automate many tasks that we did manually, whether it was with spreadsheets or having actual people do those things. This freed up a lot of our staff's time, so now they can be more creative, provide better service, and focus on those things that still need to be manual.

Keith Phillips | Keap customer

Reduce administrative overhead with Keap's user-friendly nonprofit CRM software

  • Consolidate all fundraising and volunteer communications in one place
  • Track effectiveness of campaigns and donor lead sources
  • Automate repetitive tasks while maintaining personalization
  • Easily manage donation payments

Quickly see all your contacts & communications in one place

Keap’s CRM not only keeps all donor and volunteer contact information in a centralized location, it also allows you to send every kind of communication—email, text, phone, one-on-one, bulk send, automated—from one place, with a record of every message.

Screenshot of contact record in a Keap app.

Know which campaigns and donor lead sources are most effective

With all your contacts and campaigns in Keap, you can use easy reporting features to gain important insights into which fundraising activities are the most effective.

Woman working on a desktop computer, looking at Keap's Email deliverability report.

Reduce repetitive tasks, yet make every outreach feel highly personal

Recurring tasks like donation receipts, volunteer inquiry follow-up, and appointment and event reminders can be automated in a personalized way that makes every donor and volunteer feel special.

Welcome email, pointing to a 'Asking for referral' email, pointing to a 'Donations' email.

Easily collect, track, and analyze donations

Accept recurring and one-time donations through Keap so you can track donations back to the lead sources and campaigns that generated them. Connect to accounting software, like Quickbooks, for easy bookkeeping.

Screenshot of the Sales Pipeline dashboard in the Keap App.

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