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Nonprofits can get organized, reduce administrative overhead, and generate more impact with Keap’s CRM and sales and marketing automation software.

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“Keap does the mundane part of this job and allows us to take the time to meet with people who are dropping off quilts, to go to events and speak, and really have that personal connection with people face to face, because we’re not stuck behind a computer all the time. We have Keap doing that work for us.”

Beth Hawkins | Wrap Ukraine with Quilts | Keap customer

Keap’s CRM for nonprofits helps with:

  • Audience segmentation
  • Campaign messages
  • Marketing automation
  • Thank you messages
  • Renewal reminders
  • Volunteer reminders
  • Event announcements
  • Personalized communications
  • Relationship management

Reduce administrative overhead and improve communication with Keap’s user-friendly nonprofit
CRM software

  • Consolidate all fundraising and volunteer communications in one place
  • Automate repetitive tasks while maintaining personalization
  • Streamline donor follow-up
  • Organize and manage volunteers
Keap contact record dashboard in app example

Easily communicate with donors and volunteers in one place

Keap’s nonprofit CRM not only keeps all donor and volunteer contact information in a centralized location, it also allows you to send every kind of communication — email, text, phone, one-on-one, bulk send, automated — from one place, with a record of every message.

Keap automated follow up in app example

Reduce repetitive tasks, yet make every outreach feel highly personal

Recurring tasks like outreach, follow-up, appointment setting and event reminders can be automated in a personalized way that makes every donor and volunteer feel special.

Keap pipeline in app example

Automate donor follow-up for deeper connections

Build pipelines in Keap that automatically trigger messages to donors at key moments, like when their aid is received. Customize follow-up appeals based on past donation history, region and more.

Keap lead management automation example

Organize and manage volunteers more effectively

Segment volunteer lists by interests and needs. Send a rallying email blast to all volunteers, or a specific appeal to a targeted group. Automate individual reminders to reduce no-shows.

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