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Watch your bookings hit a high point with Keap’s CRM for photographers

From weddings to family portraits, Keap’s CRM for photographers can help you close deals ahead of the competition and create the predictable income your business needs.

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“Keap really allowed us to grow our business quickly.”

Keith Phillips | Classic Photographers

Keap’s CRM for photographers helps with:

  • Consultation and appointment scheduling
  • Automatic client follow-up
  • Nurture campaigns for prospects
  • Relationship management
  • Referral programs and discounts
  • Mass text and email messaging
  • Quotes and invoices
  • Payment processing
  • Automated campaigns for cart abandonment

Do more of the work you love with Keap’s photography CRM

  • Give your customers a chance to schedule sessions with you
  • Mass text and email messages with your personal touch
  • Automate client referrals that turn into more business
  • Develop nurture campaigns that help clients with decision making

Make scheduling as easy as point and shoot

Whether you specialize in commercial photography, portrait work, or events, you can always use more time for your craft. Keap’s simple automations allow clients to schedule sessions or consultations with you directly and allow you to book secondary photographers for big events. All without the busy work.

Screenshot of CRM appointment manager.

Keep the message personal, no matter the audience

Keap’s email and text marketing is the ideal tool for reaching audiences with your personal message. You can automate messages to one client or prospect or many, sending them portfolio work, tips for family sessions, or testimonials.

Example of a curated email.

Turn your happy clients into more leads and sales

Let your work speak for you. When you use Keap’s CRM and sales and marketing automation to create a referral program for your business, you can reward your happiest clients for sharing the good word about you.

Client referrals.

Create content and campaigns that close the deal

It takes a few days for someone to decide on a photographer. Knowing this, you can use Keap’s sales and marketing automation to create nurture campaigns that give your prospects even more reasons to choose you.

Sales funnel workflow.

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