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Your new number is ready to use!


Small business owners have so much to juggle. Requests from leads and clients come in from email, text, and phone throughout your day. In a perfect world, you efficiently deliver a ‘pro’ response to each - fast, detailed, and tailored to that particular client/lead.

Unfortunately, the information or context you need to deliver a ‘pro’ reply is scattered in old emails, text messaging apps, address books, spreadsheets, and even notebooks and post-it notes. It’s difficult and time consuming to find and pull it together or it simply isn’t available on your phone when the requests come in.

Result: You feel frustrated and you can’t deliver a great response quickly to every lead or client. You don’t look like a pro. Built into all this - you're out and about a lot of the time visiting clients, doing work, meeting leads, attending conferences. So you need everything on your mobile device in order to respond quickly with the right context/info.

While using multiple tools is a start, a single tool will help you stay organized so you can focus on delivering great service to your clients and closing more sales.

Keap business line brings all of your client communications together into a single app so you can follow up quickly and accurately from your mobile device. Manage information like recent client activity, contact data, text messages, and call history while keeping your business and personal lines separate but accessible from a single tool. Let’s dig into how Keap's business line can help you manage your business more effectively.

Keep your business and personal matters separate

Instead of using your personal phone number for business, call and text from a dedicated business phone number through Keap while keeping a private phone number for family and friends. Getting started is easy. To start setting up a phone number, you will have to accept the terms of service. With the Keap app, select your area code, choose a new Keap phone number, and start calling or texting from your new number immediately. The contact will only see your Keap business phone number and not your cell number.

For outbound calls when a user initiates a call, your cell phone number calls and connects to a routing number. This routing number uses your Keap's number to route the call to your contact you are making the call to. For inbound calls, it is the reverse process. The contact calls your Keap number. Keap's business line connects to a routing number and the routing number then calls your cell phone number.

Stay organized

Keap helps you stay organized by tracking your client communications in one place. Track your messages and call history in the same place as your client information and activity. The call history includes outbound calls, inbound calls, as well as missed calls. Additionally, you have the ability to ‘star’ text messages to find them again quickly or mark them as unread so you don’t forget to take action later. Another helpful feature is the ability to capture and store notes on your phone immediately after calls while the information is top of mind. You can even send appointment links from the Keap app.

Respond quickly at the right time and in the right way

Notifications will alert you to business items that require your attention. You can quickly gather the information needed either by client or by viewing a history of phone calls or messages. The best part: you can reply by text message, phone, or email depending on the situation or client, as it’s all captured in Keap. Need to send photos or video? No problem. Keap's business line can handle that, too.

If you’re already a U.S.-based Keap customer using an iOS device, the Keap business line is available at no additional cost and without additional charges for text or calls. Get it on Android or iPhone today.

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