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Email Marketing | 3 min read

Leveraging Keap’s messaging feature for small business

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Laura Dolan

Keap's messaging feature

Maisha Hagan is the owner of Beauty & the Boss, a professional development company where she provides career coaching for women in male-dominated industries. Hagan founded her company because she observed a huge gap in professional development for everyday employees who need support.

“I started this business because I'm a big fan of ‘employeeship’,” said Hagan. “I’ve never really had a harder passion than to be an entrepreneur. I loved going to work. I love getting a check. I love benefits and I want people to feel good about having a job, going to work, doing that quality work every day, and then being compensated for it.”

Scaling her business

Hagan became a Keap customer when she realized she needed a reliable tool to help her scale her business. While growing her clientele, she realized she had to streamline her communication strategy and discovered that automating her emails was a huge game changer.

“So much of my communication is via email–whether it’s a specific marketing message, a monthly newsletter or scheduling a meeting,” said Hagan. “Being able to direct people to a calendar that they can see and pick a time that works for them saved many steps. Being able to automate when I get new people in my pipeline, the communications that they receive to cultivate that relationship are almost hands off.”

After implementing email automation into her business routine, not only did Hagan notice she didn’t drop as many leads as she previously did with a less efficient system, but it made her business fun again. She was able to see what her priorities were for the day, complete them and feel good about her work. It instilled confidence in knowing she had the right tool that she can grow with and not spend a lot of time switching between other tools and software.

“Keap has helped grow my business by shortening the amount of time it takes for a contact to become a client,” said Hagan. “Being able to actually automate a lot of the communication, being able to quickly set up meetings, follow up on tasks, move people through a pipeline, it has significantly increased the amount of time for me to be able to do other things that are really vital to my business.”

Making the switch

Before switching to Keap, Hagan was using three different systems: MailChimp, Smartsheet and Square, which was not working out, as her business was starting to ramp up in scale. It was Keap that helped her pull everything together. She was noticing a disconnect between her client list and email list, preventing her from seeing where the engagement or the impact was happening between those two without time-consuming cross-referencing.

The ability to see all of a contact’s correspondence and engagement and being able to see where they are in the sales funnel have been the most beneficial features for Hagan’s business. Keap’s messaging feature provides the transparency small business owners need so they can act accordingly with where their clients are in the pipeline.

“With Keap, I can see every level of engagement that I've had by clicking on that customer record,” Hagan stated. “Whether that is a task, or they open an email, or I've had a phone call, it's all in one place and that has saved me so much time and helped my business so much.”

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