What Is Operations Automation?

Streamline internal processes and automate mundane tasks

Chapter  4 :

Real-world operations automation success story

Shanterria Earley, founder of Travel Divas, took the concept of operations automation to heart and operationalized and automated every aspect of her business so that it can run without her.

The result: She can sell the business or take an extended leave of absence if she chooses. She can go on the trips she creates for her customers. She chooses to work actively in the business creating exciting trips and overseeing the marketing, because that's the part of the business she loves. Because she’s automated all her operations, she has the freedom to focus on whatever she wants.

Shanterria now teaches her systems to other travel agents, which provides an additional income stream for her, and an additional sense of fulfillment and purpose.

That’s the power of operations automation for small businesses.

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