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Got to be real: How to attract leads and win trust with customer stories

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Learn how build a real and authentic marketing campaign that connects

Keap Brand Journalist, Andrea Parker, provides insightful content on how to grab the attention of and connect with potential clients using authentic marketing. She encourages small business owners to use at their disposal the wealth of personal connections they have with their clients. You’ll learn how to:

  • Produce stories potential clients embrace
  • Get subjects excited to share their story
  • Walk through a video interview, including sample script
  • The power of third-party client reviews, including a real-life example

Cultivating authentic content

Don’t you hate it when businesses brag while obviously trying to look like they’re not? In the age of social proof, authentic marketing is one of the most important qualities to cultivate in content marketing for small business. Customer stories — especially videos — are the new building blocks of sales and marketing. But if you’re just replacing company pitchmen and paid actors with creepily jazzed clients in your content, you’re still missing the mark.

It’s tempting to pack your promotional mix with your most remarkable and enthusiastic client testimonials. But a mix of ordinary and extraordinary user-generated content, case studies and client profiles is more believable and helps your content pass through today’s hypersensitive marketing hype filter.

Got to be real: How to attract leads and win trust with customer stories

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