How to create a great automated webinar

Chapter  3 :

Post-webinar work

Post-webinar work

Follow up like a boss

Both live and automated webinars let you follow up with contacts afterward to generate additional sales. Did you know? Webinar follow-up sales are equal to or even greater than sales solicited during the webinar.

What’s more, automated webinars allow you to can track major engagement analytics as it relates to your content. You can use this information to tailor your conversation, which can lead to higher customer conversion.

Automation pro tips

Track the following groups to start:

Registered, but did not attend:

Send them another opportunity to register for the webinar or watch a recording.

Attended, but left before the CTA:

Send a follow-up acknowledging their early departure, thanking them for coming, and including a link to the webinar recording.

Attended, saw the CTA, but didn't purchase:

Get creative by sending a follow-up that includes a limited-time sale or bonus offer to help nudge them to buy. This guide to unlocking marketing ROI in your budget is a great resource.

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