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Email campaign performance tool

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Metrics are important because they help you measure your success. Download this tool that provides three resources to help you analyze your email performance: 

  • Campaign dashboard: Lets you run metrics on up to five campaigns at a time, giving you a complete picture of the success of each campaign
  • A/B test site: Lets you measure A/B testing (aka split testing) on two campaigns, giving you a quick picture of what’s working and what could use improvement
  • Month-to-month analysis: Lets you track a long-term campaign (like a newsletter) over 12 months to see your peaks and valleys so that you can identify success and repeat it

This tool is designed to complement our e-book, “guide to email metrics,” which provides details on each of the key metrics you’ll need to understand and improve your email campaign strategies. If you haven’t read it yet, now’s the time. It’s a quick and valuable read.

These instructions are a quick start explanation on how to use the tool. Please note that they do not provide a how-to for gathering the data you will put into the worksheets. Nor do they give detailed suggestions on how the data can be used to improve your marketing efforts. You will, however, find a few suggestions on how to interpret the results, as well as additional content you can access to sharpen your efforts.

Email campaign performance tool

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