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10 examples of core values in the workplace

Brett Farmiloe

Updated: Sep 05, 2023 · 4 min read

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Core values in the workplace exist to educate employees and clients on what a company is all about. They shape the culture of an organization. Without these defining traits, a company risks aimlessly blending into a sea of other firms, and employees have no sense of direction.

The 10 thought leaders quoted within this blog understand the importance of developing core values. Below, they share the core value they most resonate with at their company.

1. Always pay attention to the details

"One of our core values is to always pay attention to the details. In our line of work (law firm), one detail can make all the difference between winning or losing a case. That said, most cases are negotiated rather than going to trial, so the details of a case even more often make the difference between an OK outcome and a great outcome for our client This value is universal across all industries. If you are always thinking about the details, you are doing something important to further your company’s goals." -- Court Will, Will & Will

2. You are unique

"My favorite core value is 'You Are Unique,' because I feel it is important to recognize and champion what makes everyone different. If we didn’t have different, unique perspectives interacting with one another, I feel like growth wouldn’t happen, both in business and in general. After all, I can only know what I’ve experienced, so I gain invaluable life experience when I recognize and respect what makes another person unique." -- Tara Thompson, Local SEO Company

3. Positivity

"My favorite core value is positivity. We all try to be positive in our dealings with one another and with customers. Positivity helps with problem-solving; just as important to understand, negativity causes stress and makes solving problems harder. Positivity is the jet fuel for business success." -- Eric Blumenthal, Print Fulfillment Company

4. Family culture

"This means knowing you can trust your team and that working together to solve a problem is more important than who gets the credit. It is incredible what can be accomplished when ego takes a backseat to progress." -- Steven Brown, DP Electric Inc

5. Look at new challenges as new opportunities

"The tougher the challenge, the more creative and innovative one needs to become to overcome it. Challenges keep us fresh and oftentimes lead to breakthroughs that result in profits far beyond the status quo." -- Henry Babich, Stomadent Dental Laboratory

6. Fun

"Without a doubt, my favorite core value is to have fun. It’s so ingrained in our culture, and our brand, that we’ve adopted it as our tagline, “It’s FUN to feel good.” In 15 years of growing Jigsaw Health, I’ve learned that enjoyment is the key to our success. I want our employees to feel joy in their work and with their team. And I want our customers to feel joy when they take our products and engage with our brand—whether it’s online or in person. To me, it all comes back to this: when we’re all having fun, we’re doing something right." -- Patrick Sullivan Jr., Jigsaw Health

7. Love

"Love is a word that the workplace can’t shy away from when it comes to core values. As a nature-inspired boutique hotel in the Blue Ridge Mountains, we are rooted in a love for our environment. We believe Lake Rabun is a place to love, and a place to fall in love. How could we not make 'Love' one of our core values, when love is all around us?" -- Josh Addis, Lake Rabun Hotel

8. Stand Out

"My favorite company value that we follow at Envoy is 'Stand Out.' This idea of standing out from our competitors and other companies in our space relates to all aspects of our business. We infuse this value into our candidate hiring process, product design, customer service, marketing campaigns, and approach to sales. It's important that we stand out in order to show originality and authenticity. If we stand out we will be a brand that people remember." -- Marisa Krystian, Content Marketing Manager

9. Forwardness

"Say it like it is. We don't dance around topics, even when they are hard or distressing to talk about. Utilize it to foster trust with your team and show them you depend on their judgment." -- Ahmed Mir, Nature and Bloom

10. Service

"Our company motto is 'Serve First, Last and Always.' We are reminded daily that everything we do is in service to our clients. Putting clients' best interests first has become a cliche, but it is something our firm has been committed to for over 50 years." -- Keith Piscitello, Simply Sophisticated Wealth Planning, LLC

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