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How to increase sales with high ticket affiliate marketing

Angelina Gil

Updated: Jun 16, 2020 · 6 min read

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Every business needs to promote its products or services to its customers. Affiliate Marketing is an approach in which a company allows a third party to promote its products, which are then called “affiliate products.” The third party, which is known as an "affiliate," promotes these affiliate products with its own marketing efforts.

A company keeps an "affiliate link" on the products that are to be promoted by this third party, then gives it a piece of profit earned from the sale of these affiliate products. The product type and its price decide the amount of commission gained by the affiliate.

Every affiliate has a goal to earn a maximum profit on the sales it makes. So, how does it attain that goal with traditional Affiliate Marketing?

Traditional method

The traditional method of Affiliate Marketing gains profit only on front-end sales, usually of low-ticket items. These sales are made whenever a new customer visits the website and buys the first product there. But, when there is less traffic on the site the chances of earning commission decreases. As a result, you can also see a great reduction in the overall sale.

Get high commission earnings with fewer sales

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is a technique that gives huge profit on fewer sales. Using it, an affiliate sells the product types that are bound to give more commission on their low sales. Such products are called high-ticket items because they give a commission of at least $1,000 on their sales.

High-ticket items include gold jewelry or fancy electronic items. There are many other high-ticket items present on the company’s site. An affiliate should be able to recognize such items and increase its sales.

7 strategies to boost sales

1. Use product before promoting it

As an affiliate, you should experience every product that you will promote to the customers. Buy the product, use it, and then see how much profit it will gain you. Make sure you like to use this product. If you use the product first, then you can get the most from it. Once you do that, promote the best features of the product to your customers. It will lead to an impressive conversion rate and also maintain the reliability of your personal brand.

2. Give free bonus on affiliate products

Include free bonuses on the affiliate products so that you become differentiated from other affiliates. Add free ebooks, reports, videos, or other things that can engage customers toward your site.

Your free bonuses must have a high value and be relevant to the affiliate product that is to be promoted. Make your audience aware of the free gifts given after the purchase of a product by your affiliate link. If you are getting $1,000 commissions then you need to offer the highest bonuses possible in order to stay competitive in the marketplace.

3. Add detailed review

You need to write a positive review and include interesting information about the products to be promoted. Include all of the benefits, details, working of the product, etc. People are interested in buying items that will solve their problems easily. If you are explaining the working of products through videos then keep those videos at a high-quality level.

Use your affiliate ads in the reviews to lead the customers to your information. You can also share your personal testimonial or case study that includes your detailed review and recommendation. Add your affiliate link to this review.

For example, write a detailed review that recommends a certain book to readers. When these readers buy that book after reading your recommendation, then get credit on your affiliate sales. This is where affiliate ads are useful.

4. Discuss product's pros and cons

No product is perfect. So, clarify the advantages and disadvantages of using that product to your customers. Be transparent and share every possible product detail for authenticity.

Your customers should not identify you as a person that just wants to earn money from affiliate links. So, do not exaggerate the qualities and benefits of products. Once you gain trust, you can kick-start your efforts to build your affiliate network.

5. Direct people to capture page

You should first direct your audience toward your lead capture page of the website. Collect their names and email details, and add them to your email list. Thus, you can form an email autoresponder sales funnel that sends 10-15 email follow-ups in 2-3 weeks for these affiliate products.

Most people don’t purchase a product after seeing it just once. You need to build a good follow-up email system to gain the likes and trust factor of the audience. Provide an opt-in form that asks customers if they’d like to receive emails from your system.

6. Use different tracking links

Identifying the clicks, conversions and conversion rate from each traffic source is important so you know which traffic sources are useful and which are not. Keep a different tracking link for every traffic source that's in use.

Many good affiliate programs allow creating different tracking links.

Affiliate commissions are based on the traffic and sales brought by affiliates, so they must be tracked properly.

7. Promote products based on relevant niche customer requirements

Research your customer demands for the type of products and then provide them based on their requirements. Check where the product is currently selling and how many affiliates are providing it. See Alexa rankings of websites. Look for similar types of products on Clickbank and Amazon, and check their selling method.

Perform a test and direct 1,000 targeted people to your affiliate link. Determine this conversion rate. You can also perform an A/B Split test with a similar kind of product and compare the results.


High Ticket Affiliate Marketing differs from traditional Affiliate Marketing in the sales of product types. Gaining more profit by a few sales of high-ticket items is better than getting less profit on large product sales. So, you need experience in picking high-ticket products that will lead to an increase in your commission rate.

Joining a good affiliate program will lead you in the right direction in High Ticket Affiliate Marketing. To kick-start your career as a high ticket affiliate marketer, follow the steps above.

About the author:

Angelina Gil is a creative content writer at BMA. She loves to help people by providing tips for Affiliate Marketing, and to make them more aware of this marketing technique. Reading new articles and learning innovative things are her hobbies. Also, she likes to tackle difficult challenges in the SEO field.

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