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Play of the month: Conquering the Mental Chaos of "What's Next?"

Brett Fairbourn

Updated: Jun 25, 2024 · 4 min read

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I spent several years building a successful small business, and I think I speak for many entrepreneurs and their teams when I say that one of the hardest questions small companies face is “what’s next?”

As a small business owner or a member of a small team, you will inevitably face a day when your resources are spread so thin that the best brains in the company all look at each other with tired eyes and drooping shoulders. At those times, you have no choice but to dedicate resources to the most urgent problems instead of the most promising ideas. It’s survival mode, and if I can be candid for a moment, it SUCKS.

The Pressure of Constant Creativity

So how do you get out of survival mode? If you’ve ever wondered this, there’s a good chance one of these describes you:

  • You have great ideas, but no time to implement them
  • You’re all out of ideas, and everyone is counting on you

Ironically enough, you might even resonate with both of those statements depending on the day. What makes it even more difficult is that, in a small business, the buck cannot be passed. It’s up to you. Even when you’re feeling worn down and a little terrified, you still have to move forward and keep fighting. But the good news is you’re not alone, and when you’re running out of steam and the last couple of ideas either didn’t work or never got implemented, it’s time to share that burden with someone who can help. It’s time to pick up the phone and call a small business automation expert who can help you brainstorm, prioritize, implement and evaluate.

This is exactly what Barbara Anne of 3rd Level Consulting did when she faced the “what’s next? predicament.

Barbara Anne and 3rd Level Consulting

Six months ago, Barbara Anne and the team at 3rd Level Consulting had too many ideas for every area of the customer lifecycle and didn’t know which to prioritize. They had acquired a couple of other businesses, and blending them into one functioning company was a challenge.

That’s when Barbara Anne successfully executed this month’s play of the month, a free consultation with Keap Pro Services, and it made all the difference. Addison Hurst, from the Keap Pro Services team, did a 33-point audit of her Keap app and identified the top areas of opportunity for Barbara Anne’s unique situation.

After the initial consultation, Barbara Anne began meeting with Addison nearly every week, and the progress they’ve made in six months is inspiring.

3rd Level Consulting is now moving forward with a solid strategy, and Barbara Anne no longer spends her days wondering what to do next. Instead, she knows exactly how she can maintain the momentum of her business and lead her team toward new levels of success.

This is a perfect example of the benefits that support services can bring. And with Keap Pro Services, there’s flexibility so your support level can change based on the progress you make. For example, Barbara Anne started with the Platinum membership to get more done-for-you services. However, as she progressed, Addison recommended she switch to a Gold membership because she had done such a great job building in Keap on her own. With a Gold membership, she could keep up with monthly calls and strategy sessions without paying for done-for-you automations she no longer needed.

There’s a level of pro services for every business, no matter what growth stage you’re in or what struggles you’re facing. So, if you’re curious to learn more and see if Keap Pro Services could work for you, check out the video below that features one of Barbara Anne and Addison’s sessions! In their conversation, you’ll observe:

0:00 Addison’s high-pressure sales tactics (that’s sarcasm — I love his approach here)

0:44 Review of previous action items

1:03 Visualization of Keap’s strategic framework: the Perfect Customer Lifecycle

1:25 A very subtle message about why you should schedule your free call

1:33 Organized brainstorming

1:38 Addison helping Barbara Anne make the most of her membership

1:58 Mindset coaching (real, data-driven empowerment)

2:13 Setting priorities and timeline

2:23 Next action items

This video is the perfect opportunity for you to be a fly on the wall, then after you finish watching, you can follow in Barbara Anne’s footsteps by scheduling your own free consultation to see how Keap Pro Services can help transform your business.

To Barbara Anne and the team at 3rd Level Consulting:

  • Thank you for trusting Keap and Keap Pro Services to help your business succeed.
  • Congratulations on having the courage to survey your members when you feared the sentiment might be negative.
  • And well done running a business and a membership program with such high standards that you find areas to improve while your members are simply happy and grateful for the value you offer.

The burden of “what’s next?” becomes unbearable when you face it alone. Take a page out of Barbara Anne’s playbook and execute this month’s play of the month: Schedule a free call with Keap Pro Services.

Even if you don’t sign up for a membership, you will be glad you made the call and spent one free hour of reflection with a small business automation expert.

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