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Why this Entrepreneur Believes Anything is Possible

Ryan Carrillo

Updated: Jul 28, 2021 · 5 min read

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Jaspreet Singh: Grit Through It All

As entrepreneurs, we dream big. It’s in our DNA.. It’s what drives us to the unglamorous, the work behind the work that nobody sees, the work we know will pay off big in the end. We call it Big Grit. And it’s the thing that enables us to turn those dreams into reality.

Jaspreet Signh is such a dreamer. Like many fellow entrepreneurs, he started out following a traveled path: go to school, get a good job, climb the ladder, then hopefully retire one day in relative comfort. But that wasn’t Jaspreet’s destiny, and he knew it. He dreamed of a different future for himself, and he acted on those dreams with Big Grit.

When Expectations Don’t Pan Out

Jaspreet’s story of Big Grit starts with his father’s Punjabi roots. After moving to the United States, his father would go on to build a future for him and his family that started from humble beginnings. As a child, Jaspreet recalls a line he heard from his mother over and over: “If you want to find the secret to happiness, you need to become a doctor...everything you want will come to you.”

The expectation of becoming a doctor defined Jaspreet’s upbringing and singular focus in life. That was until something like a “catalyst moment” changed everything for him. It started when he began to learn about money management and investing. “I learned that the one common trait all wealthy people shared was that they owned real I became very interested in real estate,” said Singh. He pursued it with energy, pouring himself into it, learning all he could. Ironically, he closed his first real estate deal the very day after he finished his Mcat test, the “gateway” test to become a doctor.

He was at a crossroads.

And he knew which road he was going to take. He decided to be an entrepreneur, not a doctor. This was not easy. After breaking the news to his family, it unleashed a world of problems. His parents were at a loss, and his extended family poured it on. But Jaspreet was set, he knew his path.

“There is no one path to success or happiness, you have to find your own path. I was told only one path existed…that was hard. You have to find what's right for you.”

Seize The Moment

Finals time in college is one of the most stressful times of the year for students. Jaspreet had one final remaining: to pitch a business idea. The day of the final it rained hard. On the way to class he had to slosh through puddles of water and ended up getting soaked. What’s worse than wet socks walking into a final you aren’t prepared for? Only this perfect storm of bad luck would turn out to be the opportunity of a lifetime, and a launchpad for Jaspreet’s ideas.

Facing his business pitch, he decided to wing it. The wet socks he was standing in gave him an idea: waterproof socks for all your favorite activities. Enjoy playing sports, hiking, or anything else without having to worry about wet socks.

The business pitch was well received, and his idea was good. It sparked an idea in Jaspreet that turned into his first business venture: 5 Water Socks. In just 30 days he pre-sold $21,000 in product, and his entrepreneurial journey was in motion. This would not be the last time Jaspreet turned a bad situation into an idea, and that idea into a business.

With the success of five water socks in motion, Jaspreet did what any business owner looking to start in earnest would do: he found a marketing contractor to help him launch his business even further. Just before getting started with this marketing contractor Jaspreet had an epiphany. The sales and marketing is something he could do, something he could learn. At that moment he had a bad feeling, he called his contractor to cancel the plan, but he didn’t get an answer. He redialed and this time the voice on the other line said “this number cannot be reached.”

Jaspreet got burned. The marketing company he thought he had hired was a scam. Not one to take a loss, Jaspreet seized the moment and took his marketing into his own hands. He utilized the power of Keap and took his journey another step forward, finding a way to turn a loss into a win.

1 Million Subscribers

Big Grit is rolling with the punches, always getting up no matter how hard you get knocked down. 5 Water Socks was a success, but it wasn’t the last venture for Jaspreet.

His next challenge, and the catalyst for his current business venture, was personal finance. To Jaspreet, YouTube was always taught by old people teaching esoteric, boring concepts. How come there was nothing out there that spoke to him in a real, down to earth, easy to understand manner? How did what the talking heads say on YouTube apply to him?

That’s when Minority Mindset was born. Jaspreet saw an opportunity. The focus of Minority Mindset was all about thinking differently than the majority of people. What started as a YouTube Channel dedicated to simplifying financial health and educational content has turned into a movement. Today, Minority Mindset has surpassed 1 million subscribers on YouTube. The real outcomes from Jaspreet’s efforts are what empower him to keep going and keep growing. His business has changed lives.

Minority Mindset has a growing repository of branded content on their website and other social channels. Over time they have become a giant content producing machine, and Keap has been an integral part of scaling this. Looking to the future, Jaspreet sees even more opportunities to spread the powerful knowledge he has to the masses, so that others may learn and grow and become the minority, among the majority.

Jaspreet’s story of success is just one of many examples of Big Grit in the real world. Big Grit is what drives us to succeed even when times are tough. You have your own moments of grit as you progress in your entrepreneurial journey. No matter what, we encourage you to keep going, and keep growing with the power of your own personal Big Grit.

To learn more about Jaspreet, visit The Minority Mindset.

To watch his full Big Grit story, visit

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