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One entrepreneur on the importance of finding Your Different

Ryan Carrillo

Updated: Oct 14, 2021 · 3 min read

Headshot of Justin Wise with the title Big Grit: Justin Wise

Big Grit is about sharing the stories that highlight tenacity, ingenuity, and perseverance.

Justin Wise, a successful entrepreneur, is the definition of Big Grit.

He has multiple exits under his belt, and is currently nurturing an exciting new venture. Like many entrepreneurs, his story begins with a desire to experience more control over his life and to be his own boss..

The Ceiling is Near

Justin spent years working at a church. Over time he realized the reality of this type of work was not for him. His weekends were never his, the work hours were never consistent, and simply put, he wanted to earn more money. Of course, earning potential is not why people work for churches, but Justin felt like his “calling” was somewhere else.

So, Justin tapped into the entrepreneurial spirit he had been nurturing his entire life.

Turning Ability Into Opportunity

With the understanding of what he wanted in life in his mind, he set out to find the opportunity that could unlock the life he dreamed of. The easiest jump to entrepreneurship for Justin was digital marketing since he had experience with this from his work at the church. He made his first online course focused on digital marketing, and things took off from there.

He was able to take that opportunity and roll it into another. He started an agency dedicated to helping churches -- he had his niche. For years he grinded away and grew the business to a point where he could sell it. This marked his first successful exit. From there he created his dedicated digital marketing agency and grew that business for years until recently selling it, marking his second successful exit.

Now his time is free, and he has set his sights on a new venture: The Different Company. Partnered with best selling author Mike Michalowicz, they are launching this new venture dedicated to helping small businesses grow and develop by finding what makes them different. Asking himself the question "what makes me different?" led him to the idea for The Different Company, and he wants to share that process with other entrepreneurs. Marketing is hard, and it’s especially difficult for small businesses. This is where The Different Company comes in.

They will soon be launching their business accelerator program with a fully built funnel in Keap. Automation has helped Justin grow his businesses in the past and will continue in the future, and he wants to pass on this experience to other entrepreneurs.

Big Grit

It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Big Grit unites us as entrepreneurs, “it’s the price of entry to entrepreneurship”, Justin believes. “I’ve worked with people who are not willing to pay that price, and that’s okay. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Big Grit is there to test that.” In our conversation, Justin recalled the times in his life where Big Grit most resonated with him. No matter the challenge he continued rolling with the punches. From making the choice to go all in, to the new challenges of each venture he has undertaken, Justin has personified Big Grit to the core.

To learn more about Justin, visit The Different Company.

To watch his full Big Grit story, visit

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