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How physical security measures help prevent cybercrime

Chester Avey

Updated: Dec 13, 2023 · 4 min read

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Today's cybercriminals are sophisticated and skilled. This is a major problem for organizations of all sizes, as it means that many traditional methods of cybersecurity—such as firewalls and antivirus—no longer provide comprehensive protection. But as well as making improvements to your digital defenses, it's becoming increasingly necessary for businesses to invest further in physical defenses.

Criminals are becoming more adept at ways to utilize the real world to deploy cyberattacks against businesses. This could include gaining actual entry into your premises, or running surveillance operations against members of your staff. It's important, then, that businesses begin putting a greater emphasis on physical security. Here we look at the role that it can play in defending your business.

Make it harder to surveil your building

Many businesses don't realize that cybercrime is often a far more sophisticated operation than just a teenage hacker sitting in their bedroom. These are sophisticated criminal campaigns with an extensive level of planning and groundwork done in order to exploit organizations and find ways through security.

This means that cybercriminals will often initially carry out a high level of surveillance on a company’s premises in order to understand which members of the staff need to be targeted, or even plan a physical intrusion into your building. The key thing to remember is that cybercriminals may be diligent and willing to go to great lengths, but they're also most interested in finding the easiest way into a system.

This is why it can be absolutely essential to invest in physical security measures in order to minimize the risk of surveillance and reduce its effectiveness. A great example of this comes in the ability of businesses to control their parking lot—and access to the outside of their building. Many organizations are choosing to install a concrete barrier to limit access to the parking lot, and ensure that visitors can only enter through the main gate.

"By using large blocks such as TVCBs, Jersey barriers or Malta Lego Blocks across the entrance to your site or around its perimeter, you can create a robust barrier that trespassers cannot pass through." - Maltaward

Prevent direct access to your premises

As noted above, cybercriminals may be interested in gaining access to your premises. This means you need to look into a range of methods of initial physical defenses to stop unwanted individuals from gaining access. This can start with security doors that only allow in people with the relevant credentials. You may also be interested in looking into the possibility of lanyards which allow members of staff to pass through doors without entering codes.

There are many reasons that this is an important part of cybersecurity, as criminals employ a wide variety of tactics. For example, they may utilize a method of social engineering in which a USB stick is left on a desk with a note attached—when the staff member inserts it into their machine it injects a virus, providing criminals with access to the rest of the system.

Alternatively, it may be possible for criminals to gain access to offices and actually log directly onto computers if they're not password protected. In any case, the last thing you want is for criminals to be able to gain access to your premises without you even knowing about it.

Watch and deter

It could also be worth looking into the possibility of having CCTV cameras installed on your premises. This is a method of physical security that can be overlooked, because it doesn’t appear to have a specific benefit to your cybersecurity. However, CCTV actually works as a terrific deterrent against criminals, as well as making your staff feel more secure, and making any criminals potentially targeting your business understand that you've taken extensive steps to stay secure.

It's a great idea to clearly promote the fact that you have CCTV in operation—this shows potential criminals thinking of attempting to infiltrate your premises that you have them on camera. When they see that you have put defense measures in place, they're more likely to leave your company alone.


If you're not investing in adequate physical security, then you could be putting your business at risk of cybercrime. Now is the time to start taking physical security more seriously, as if you were to suffer a cyberattack it could be extremely damaging to your organization.

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