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Play of the month: The power of dynamic email content for BarMD

Brett Fairbourn

Updated: Apr 05, 2024 · 4 min read

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Welcome to our first “play of the month” blog post, where we dive into specific problems small businesses have solved by working with Keap’s automation experts. We’ll walk you through a series of powerful plays, which we hope will inspire you and spark ideas to fine-tune your own business automation strategy (for those who aren’t in the know, “plays” are how we refer to automations here at Keap).

This month, we’re featuring Keap customer BarMD and Addison Hurst of the Keap Pro Services team — they executed some impressive consolidation of emails via dynamic content. Want to know how Addison helped BarMD create a single automated email capable of over 1 million personalized versions? Read on.

The business

The folks at BarMD help California law students prepare for the bar exam. They have a tool that identifies the best areas for a student to work on to shore up their weaknesses, and they deliver the results and tips via email. It’s an extremely valuable resource for their clients.

Want proof? Try googling “BarMD” and check out the Reddit thread that’s currently the top result after BarMD’s website. Here are a few quotes:

  • “I used BarMD and passed the July 2023 exam (my first attempt).... I found the daily study schedule that Bar MD provided to be very helpful, as it kept me on track and made sure I covered all the material.”
  • “I used her PT book and her black letter law book, and watched all the videos available on youtube and went to a few free workshops - passed first try. I really felt like her explanations of how to pull apart the PT helped me overall.”
  • “Maureen is really solid and you won’t go wrong working with her. Highly recommend if you are looking to improve your PT scoring and writing overall."

The problem

I have no idea what PT is, but BarMD sounds amazing. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But the business had one problem: These students could need help in any number of 20 different areas of study. So how do you send an automated email with between one and 20 tips? How do you send client A items 3, 15 and 20, while sending client B all 20 items?

Previously, their answer was to create 20 separate emails, and BarMD would send each client as many emails as they required based on how many areas of study they needed help with. BarMD warned their clients about the volume of emails coming their way ahead of time, of course — and having an email for each topic is a great way to launch this kind of automation. As we like to say at Keap, “version one is better than version none.”

However, I think we can also agree that one email is better than 20 emails. But how can you send a custom-picked list of tips to every client with just one automated email?

The solution

Watch the video below to find out how they created a single email capable of over 1 million unique combinations of the 20 items, depending on the student’s needs. Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

BarMD, we salute you. It’s an honor to be part of the valuable service you provide your clients. And Addison, thank you for providing such valuable service to our customers here at Keap. This is a prime example of service automation, which is an important part of a complete small business automation strategy.

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How to apply this automation tactic in your business

If you’d like to receive similar help, schedule a call with our services team. Get the initial consultation on your calendar, and look forward to months of magic as the team puts small business automation to work for you. BarMD selected our Platinum Plus membership, and this automation is just one of many that Addison and his team have provided for BarMD to help them better serve their clients.

Please also visit our marketplace to see if your niche is represented by a Keap Certified Partner. Our partners understand the unique needs and challenges of small businesses, and they have the training and experience to help you leverage business automation.

Prefer to learn how to build dynamic emails yourself? Check out this video from Greg on our Keap Academy team showing how dynamic content works.

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