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7 Articles that Will Inspire Your Small Business

Lauren Joyner

Updated: Aug 26, 2022 · 2 min read

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Survey of 1,000 Small Businesses Reveals Surprising Digital Marketing Trend via Search Engine Journal

Spoiler alert: Small businesses love Facebook.

small businesses love facebook

They also need more skilled digital workers. Curious how your small business stacks up? Read on and get some ideas of what you can do to utilize the tools at your disposal.

6 Valuable Lessons About Money From the World's Most Famous Billionaires via Entrepreneur

You may never be rich enough to give a studio audience new cars, but you can at least learn the lessons of how Oprah got there.

Oprah you get a new car

Not into Oprah? Check out lessons from Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, among others.

YouTube is Trying to Clean Itself Up by Making it Much Harder for Small Video Makers to Make Money via CNBC

YouTube is a great way to showcase your business while making some extra money. But, with recent scandals involving inappropriate and offensive content, YouTube is cracking down. New rules and regulations will make it much harder for small video makers to make money, but YouTube lays it all out for you so you can comply.

The Lesson of Facebook’s Hammer Drop? Build a Community, Not an Audience via AdWeek

Another day, another social media change. Facebook announced a change to the Newsfeed algorithm (again), focusing on people, rather than companies. As it turns out, users actually want to see engagement and pregnancy announcements rather than the latest sale. But, that doesn’t mean you’re in the dust. Follow the advice of AdWeek and focus on building a community.

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Chatbots via Keap

If you’ve ever used the helpful chat window that pops up in the corner of a website, chances are you were actually talking to a robot. But that’s not a bad thing! I bet it sounded totally human (and yes, I realize that sounds Terminator-level scary, but go with it). Chatbots have a come a long way and it may be time to consider using one for your customer service.

The 5-Day Sprint: How to Jump Start a New App, Website, or Project via Zapier

The new year tends to bring new goals and resolutions. But after about a week, it can be so hard to find the motivation to stick to them.

You can do it!

Zapier is here to help with this handy five-day plan to get you prepared to start that new project.

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