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Automation Made Easy with Keap's Newest Feature

Ryan Carrillo

Updated: Jan 08, 2024 · 4 min read


There’s a new sheriff in town: Easy Automations.

He’s here to make your life simple, easy and clear.

If you haven’t already started automating your business with this feature, you’re missing out.

Easy Automations are powerful; they simplify tasks, follow up, and broadcasts so you have more free time to run your business. Best of all these automations are quick to set up, and can all be managed in the Keap app...

So, what are easy automations?

Simply put: it’s a flow of decisions based on simple “when → then” statements. For example, when you pass ‘GO’ in Monopoly then you collect $200.

Easy Automations work a lot like those “when” “then” statements, but in the context of your sales and marketing automation. Instead of manually setting up an Advanced Automation sequence you can use a simple and ready-to-go Easy Automation.

Here’s an example: when someone fills out a form, then Keap will automatically send them an email. That’s it! You set it up once, and never have to lift a finger again.

With Easy Automations, the sky is the limit. Get creative and start building! But if you want a quick start, we’re going to share three Easy Automations that you can use right now for immediate impact. Best of all these are already setup as defaults in your app so you can get going right away.

Email Follow Up

Managing your email follow up is time consuming and can get out of control quickly as your business grows. When you don’t need the power of Advanced Automations, use Easy Automations to save time.

You can modify this automation however you need to. For this example, we are using public forms. Any time someone fills out one of your public forms they will get the appropriate follow up email.

When a public form is submitted

Then send (follow up) email

This Easy Automation can have other logic added to it as you need - tags, notifications, creating a deal, time delays, and more.

Add whatever you need to get this automation exactly where you want it for your email follow up. Once you’re ready, simply hit ‘publish’ and you’re all set.

Invoice Reminder

Remember you need to get paid for your hard work! We know it’s hard to wrangle all your billing, so here’s an Easy Automation just for you to get paid.

Sometimes your customers need a little reminder, and that’s just what this powerful automation does.

When an invoice is submitted

Then send invoice reminder email(s)

Stop if invoice is paid

It’s best practice to use a custom delay timer to send the follow up. You don’t want to put the pressure on immediately. Set a time frame within the easy automation to send the follow up emails. We recommend a 2-day delay for your first follow up email.

Customer Review Request

Gathering customer reviews is an easy way to create raving fans and grow your business. Easy Automations simplify gathering the positive customer reviews you need. This is one of those automations you can set up once and let run forever.

When any product is purchased

Then wait 7 days and send (request review) email

When you set up this Easy Automation the default has a 7-day delay before sending the review request. You can easily adjust this to fit your unique business needs.

Creating Your Own Easy Automation

Those three automations can help you hit the ground running out of the box. But what if you have something more specific in mind? No worries - you can make your own custom Easy Automation

Click the “plus” symbol in the top right corner of your automations tab and select “Easy Automation.”

From here you can set up your own custom automations. Name your new Easy Automation then fill in the When and Then statements to populate your automation.

Below I walk you through a practical example of how to setup your Easy Automation

The Sheriff’s Final Words

Marketing town’s new sheriff knows Easy Automations won’t replace the power and versatility of Advanced Automations. There’s plenty of room for both.

The power of Easy Automations is now at your fingertips and awaits your next campaign.

For now this is goodbye, but don’t worry the sheriff will be back to help you with Easy Automations and more.

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