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8 Ways to Use an iPad Kiosk Effectively at Your Next Trade Show

Shereen Dindar

Updated: Jun 16, 2020 · 5 min read

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Finding an affordable way to market yourself at a trade show can be a challenge. As a small business owner, you may not have the budget to purchase or rent an extensive trade show booth display, so you’ll need to be creative to get people’s attention.

iPad kiosks are a handy solution that can be used in a few different ways depending on the trade show lead capture app and software you download.

In case you're wondering what an iPad kiosk is, it's simply an iPad enclosed in either a kiosk stand, wall mount, or table top stand. The tablet is used to display all kinds of marketing material intended to attract attendees to your booth, often with the dual purpose of collecting their email addresses. iPad kiosks sometimes require interaction from people and other times passively display visually appealing assets.

Here are eight different ways you can use an iPad kiosk at your next trade show to showcase your product and capture leads:

Sales video

A sales video running in the background can be a great way to get the attention of people who walk by your booth, while simultaneously providing product information. You can either upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo and display it directly from those websites or use a cable to connect your iPad to a larger television display.

Trivia quiz

Why not display a fun trivia quiz on an iPad about a general interest topic that relates to the theme of the trade show. At the end of the quiz, attendees will be prompted to leave their email address in order to see the quiz results. The email addresses will be stored on the device so that you can follow up with those leads at a later date.

Product design

Does your product lend itself to the idea of drag-and-drop custom designs? For example, if you're a furniture company, let people choose the fabric, color, and components of a couch through an interactive display. Or if you sell T-shirts, let people design their own. This can be easily achieved through the use of product building software that connects to your website with a WordPress plugin.

Photo slideshow

Are you selling something particularly eye-catching? Or maybe you have product photos that are sitting on your computer going to waste? Why not put them together on a slideshow using Animoto and show it on your iPad. This will lure people to your booth, and once you've got their attention, strike up a conversation while throwing in your two-sentence pitch.

Market research survey

One of the benefits of attending a trade show is that you are surrounded by people who, at the very least, have a passive interest in your business. This is a great opportunity to get direct feedback about how you can improve your product. Consider displaying a brief five-question market research survey on your iPad and ask attendees to complete it as they visit your booth.

Giveaway contest

A lot of people go to trade shows just for the free swag. Why not capitalize off this and entice them to visit your booth with a contest to win a prize? Simply display an appealing photo of the giveaway item on your iPad and prompt people to leave their email address to be part of a draw. It’s also a perfect opportunity to ask them if they want to opt-in for email marketing communications.

Recruiting form

Trade shows can be a great place to look for talent, just be careful to do it discreetly so you don't come across as a poacher of competitor employees. If you strike up a conversation with someone looking for work, have the person fill out a few questions including contact details on a brief iPad recruiting form. Be sure to connect with her in a more private space at a later date.

Newsletter sign up

Getting people to sign up for your email marketing list can be a chore, but at a trade show you might have an easier time because people are already engaged at your booth. Consider displaying an email newsletter sign-up form on your iPad and ask people who demonstrate a keen interest in your product to fill it out. 

The above suggestions are just a starting point in terms of how businesses can use an iPad kiosk for trade show marketing and lead capture. The truth is, you are only limited by your creativity. Anything that can be shown on an iPad can be used at your booth, even simply your website.


Shereen Dindar is the content manager for QuickTapSurvey, a lead capture app for small and medium-sized businesses.  She is responsible for leading the company’s content marketing efforts as customers look to QuickTapSurvey for tips and suggestions. Read her insights on the QuickTapSurvey blog.

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