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Top web design elements to focus on for business success

Beer Singh

Updated: Dec 21, 2023 · 4 min read

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Content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and more are important initiatives to create a successful business. Unfortunately, these take priority, making one of the most important aspects of success an afterthought—web design.

Web design may not seem significant when compared to other key parts of your business, but it most certainly is.

“Website design cannot be ignored,” noted Eric Sachs, the founder of web design company Sachs Marketing Group. “Having a quality website helps business owners achieve unprecedented growth.”

Having a quality website design can:

  • Build trust among your target audience
  • Present a great first impression
  • Help with SEO efforts
  • Give you a competitive edge in your industry

Knowing the top web design elements to focus on can be difficult. With that in mind, here's a deep look at the top web design elements to focus on for business success:

Great web design encompasses quality content

This may seem like an odd element, since content is not really design, but quality content is essential for top-notch web design. This is why quality web design enhances your SEO efforts.

With well written, actionable content on your site, you can convert visitors easier. But making Google happy is also important, since the search engine decides where your website will fall in Google SERPs.

Adding keywords that drive more traffic to your site gives your business more opportunities to convert. Poor content equals poor search rankings and minimal conversions.

Clear and concise CTAs are critical

Within quality content, you need clear and concise call-to-action (CTA) messages. A quality web design emphasizes CTAs throughout each page of your website. These can be in text or button form.

How many CTAs does each page need? The more the better, but in moderation. Each section that emphasizes core features and solutions of your product or service should have a CTA present.

The CTA makes it easy for visitors to click through to contact your business via the Contact Page, opt-in for emails and newsletters, sign up for a demo, and much more. This makes CTAs an absolute must for quality website design.

Navigation is key to great web design

Navigation is a critical element of web design to focus on. Why? Because it allows visitors to your site to easily access information, streamlining the conversion process.

For example, you want your main conversion point to be no further than three clicks away from any web page within your site. Navigation also ensures your site is clean and flows consistently.

The first place to focus when it comes to website navigation is your site menu. It should showcase all of your top pages. Secondary pages can be found in the footer menu of your site.

Navigation should also encompass the intent of the user. If a user clicks through to a web page to find specific information, that information needs to be present on that page. If not, the site visitor will most likely abandon your site and visit a competitor’s website instead.

Enhance your website with powerful media assets

Quality web design has an element of powerful media assets. These assets include images, videos, and informative data. This is important because consumer wants and needs have shifted. For example, video has become the top way to consume content.

A website that utilizes the power of creativity via video can have an exceptional web design format with real conversion power. What kind of videos can you create for your web pages? First, create a video that tells the story of your business. This can be placed on your home page and your about page.

Next, make proof of concept available via testimonial videos. Testimonials are powerful, but only when they are authentic. Text testimonials are still valuable, but when a potential customer watches a video of a real user, the conversion potential skyrockets.

How-to videos for your products and/or services are also key. These should be easy to consume and free of “buy now” messaging. Utilize media assets like videos to hit a home run with your newly designed website.

Final thought

The aforementioned web design elements to focus on for business success are only the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty more essential web design elements that can help you achieve business growth.

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