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Tips for better emails (infographic) to enhance your email engagement

Kevin George

Updated: Mar 12, 2020 · 2 min read

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Email marketing has morphed into one of the most effective marketing channels in the recent times. However, you need to think out of the box if you wish to keep your brand at the top of your subscriber’s mind. Antiquated email tricks just don’t work anymore.

To help you beat the competition in the realm of email marketing, here are a few email mantras that would offer a pleasant user experience to your subscribers:

1. Improve personalization with dynamic content

Ninety-six percent of companies find personalization effective in enhancing email marketing performance according to The Aberdeen Group. It is intriguing to know that emails are no longer personalized based on age, sex, or location only. Email marketers have switched to hyper-personalization practices wherein dynamic content is automatically fetched when the email is opened.

2. Follow branding guidelines to create consistent emails

If you want your subscribers to identify your emails, follow the branding guidelines while using your logo, font style, and design components. This helps in building a better brand reputation and boosts brand recognition too.

3. Use a master template for regular emails

A master template has a common header and footer. It can be used to create multiple types of emails with one basic skeleton. Such templates come handy when you are facing a resource crunch as there are less dependencies after the template creation.

The Keap app comes preloaded with an extensive library of flexible, functional email templates for a variety of opportunities. Check out how Keap can help you create powerful email communications.

4. Create kinetic email designs

It’s a thing of the past to send boring emails with static images stacked in rows. More and more email marketers have now switched to CSS animations in emails. The advantages of using CSS are that it reduces the load time of your email and creates a better visual appeal when compared to conventional GIF animations.

5. Design one-off template for occasional emails

Occasional email marketing can be best done with a unique one-off template designed exclusively for the special day. These templates undoubtedly take more efforts than modular email templates, but the remarkable look and feel pays off in the long run.

Wrapping up

Leverage your email marketing strategy with the power of these awesome mantras. And to build better emails that ultimately enhance your business growth, check out all the quintessential mantras in EmailMonks’ infographic:

Email Design and Marketing Mantras 2018Source: Email Design and Marketing Mantras 2018

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