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Email marketing software for entrepreneurs

Convert more leads with easy-to-build emails plus automation & CRM

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Graphic showing the ease of use of automated email marketing.

How small businesses reach more leads with Keap's email marketing

How is Keap different from every other email platform?

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Automated emails save time and stress

Use segmentation to trigger automated and personalized nurture series. Take the chaos out of connecting with your customers.

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Stunning Templates

Boost your brand image with beautiful, modern templates that are easy to implement and help you create engaging marketing newsletters and broadcasts.

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More sales triggered by client behavior and data

Get the right message to the right clients at the right time with automations activated by each client’s actions.

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No more guesswork. Get real results.

A/B testing, reporting, and analytics mean no more relying on hunches. At-a-glance reports give insights that drive growth.

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What your email journey SHOULD look like

Segmentation—it’s nicer than it sounds

When a lead registers they are automatically tagged and segmented based on the criteria you’ve chosen. From here you can send them a personalized welcome or confirmation email.

Graphic showing how a registered lead is automatically tagged and segmented.

They get emails they actually want to read

Your leads will start receiving curated emails that are relevant to their interests. Keep your audience engaged, nurtured, and moving closer to a sale.

Graphic showing alternative messages individually curated to specific types of leads.

The sale closes! Now’s the time for repeat revenue

Don’t stop at one sale. With Keap your clients get automated emails and newsletters that drive repeat sales. Stay top of mind months and even years after that first sale, ensuring long term recurring revenue.

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Stunning, curated templates that convert

Find layouts and styles that suit your business. Grow your sales while elevating your emails.

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Migration is easy and free

Keap provides painless migration of your contacts and data with the help of our Expert Coaching team. We make switching over from competitors like Mailchimp and Constant Contact, easy, fast, and seamless. No interruption in your business needed.

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Graphic showing how a registered lead is automatically tagged and segmented.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What will Keap's email marketing automation software do for me?

    Keap's email marketing automations allow you to:

    • Combine email templates with easy-to-setup automations to nurture leads, save time, and create recurring revenue.

    • Choose stunning templates from our currated library or create your own customized email design.

    • Automatically segment your contacts in Keap's CRM by industry, behavior, and personal info for greater targeting.

    • View at-a-glance reports to track campaign effectiveness and discover next-steps to improve

    • And so much more...

    Learn more about email marketing automation.

  • Why is Keap considered the premier option in email marketing?

    Keap outperforms other email marketing tools by combining sales automation, marketing automation, and a CRM database.

    The industry standard for email open rates is 17.9%, while Keap users average 20%. The industry standard for click-rates is a meager 2.7%, meanwhile Keap delivers a stunning average of 13%. Use our easy-to-implement automations, along with reporting and analytics that provide you with better email performance and deliverability.

    See how Keap measures up to competitors: Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, and Mailchimp.

  • How much growth am I missing without email marketing software?

    Email is one of the most effective marketing channels, driving potential ROIs of $42 for every $1 invested. When combined with automation, email marketing generates more revenue, nurtures more leads, closes more deals, and keeps customers engaged and delighted. 44% of potential clients move on to another company when you're slow to follow up. Email automation tools enable faster reply times with less chaos and stress.

  • Should my business focus on text messaging or email marketing?

    With Keap, you don't need to choose between the two. Combine your text message and email marketing efforts all on one platform. Speed up your reply time and get clients the information they need how they want it.

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