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Keap’s Email marketing: Less work. Better results.

Email is an effective channel for small businesses to generate revenue, nurture leads, close business, or keep your customers in the know. Use Keap to take the next step toward powerful, personal client communication.

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Landing page for your business.

Keap at a glance

We send


billion emails

on average each month

Our customers average a


open rate

surpassing the industry standard of 17.9%



click rate

surpassing the industry standard of 2.7%

Harness the power of email automation

By adding easy-to-setup automation Keap streamlines a complicated process. Nurture new leads and drive clients toward your newest offering or just make your life a whole lot easier.

Lead fills out a form and receives an email to schedule an appointment.

Keap’s suite of tools: Target the right audience with a laser focus

The Keap app comes preloaded with an extensive library of flexible, functional email templates for a variety of opportunities. Getting started is only a matter of finding what you like. The design work is done.

Subdivide your contact list by industry, interactions with your content, and more into any number of smaller lists to improve conversion. Here’s how Keap segments your email lists.

Keap’s “at a glance” reports track the effectiveness of your emails and suggests ways to better engage your audience.

Selection of various email templates.
Images of leads who have indicated different interests.
Graph report of click to open rate.

Move your email beyond okay to outstanding

Keap surpasses the competition with:

  • Built in A/B and split testing to maximize email effectiveness
  • Auto spam checking to ensure deliverability
  • Intelligent email sends based on proven algorithms
Example of competing A/B email test.

Getting your email delivered is our job

Keap’s dedicated email team constantly looks for ways to enhance our technology, stay on top of important trends, and create targeted content to educate customers on ways to improve their email performance.

Aaron Barrett Dir. Email Deliverability at Keap explains how to indentify disengaged customers.

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