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How mass emails can help increase conversion rates

Smith Willas

Updated: Jun 18, 2020 · 4 min read

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Mass emails are campaigns companies run in order to achieve a business goal. These could include anything from a promotional offer to an announcement. However, they often lack personalization and can be a clickbait. And with so many companies bombarding their clients with mass emails, they've earned a bad name.

But it's also true that mass email campaigns can help you get a very fast conversion rate. All you need to do is look out for a few things. Any email that provides value to your customer or prospect (whether it's sent via a mass email campaign or not), has great potential to give you high yields. Using a specialized mass email service provider like Pepipost can help you get all of your emails into your customers’ inboxes with ease.

Some important factors to consider while sending a mass email campaign include:

1. Relevance of content

No one likes receiving emails that don’t provide useful information. Sending best practices on marketing to the CTO of a company not just damages your engagement rates but also hurts your brand reputation. Your emails should be relevant to the reader and must entice them to come to your website and have a look at your product or content.

Also, keep your emails short and to the point. Doing so shows you respect the recipient's time but also have something important to say. Another advantage of short emails are that they have some intriguing value as you're not giving all the information upfront. This entices the recipient to click on your link or CTA to check out more features of what you have to offer.

2. Design and body of emails

Ideally, mailboxes love plain text emails, as a plain text email has very little chance of landing in the spam folder. But there’s so much fun stuff to do with design in emails, and so many fun templates to play around with, a plain text email just seems boring. Don’t keep your emails plain text—add some interesting elements to it, but also make sure there aren’t too many of them.

The key is to find equilibrium between the design and the text elements. For company emails, having your social media links, a header at the top and a few images doesn’t harm the email deliverability. Also to make sure your email isn’t ending up in spam, always test your emails for different mailboxes before broadcasting the emails.

3. Delivery of mass emails

Make sure you use a mass email service that is specialized in sending mass email campaigns. A few factors you should check before choosing a mass email service are the features it provides, the average deliverability and the overall customer satisfaction with the product. Make sure you go through case studies and check how well the support team responds to complaints before you commit to a particular email service provider.

The delivery of your emails to any inbox heavily depends on your domain rating. This is a measure that indicates how many of the emails you send are received well by your customers. A good indicator of this is your email campaign engagement rate. The better your open and click-through rates are, the better your delivery rates will be. You can check out the sunset policy and implement that on your email list to get the best possible email campaign engagement rates.

4. Personalization of emails

Make sure your emails are personalized, and this doesn't mean simply using a name at the beginning of the email or in the subject line. Make sure you segment your emails so that people receive email content that's relevant to them and information on which they can take considerable action and decisions.

Even if your email is only providing some information and not promoting your tool, it's still a good practice as it gives your brand a good reputation. So a person may not become a customer just now, but due to your amazing regular emails, they might just become a loyal customer in the future.

5. Using a great subject line

Even if you've done everything right in crafting the body of your email, it might not get opened. This depends on the quality of your subject line. A great one can receive up to 70% open rates when sent to the right audience at the right time.

Final thought

A successful email campaign is simple yet complicated—you just need to create a checklist and check all the parameters before sending the emails.

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