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Updated: Oct 27, 2021 · 6 min read

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When we say “cold leads,” we mean unengaged contacts. Sending unsolicited messaging as part of a cold email campaign, on the other hand, can result in getting caught in spam filters and a tarnished brand.

You might ask, “If leads are unengaged, aren’t they sick of hearing from us?”

Not necessarily. Poor engagement can result from bad timing, an overzealous spam filter, or just getting lost in a cluttered inbox.

Did you know 47% of emails are opened entirely based on the subject line? That means the right subject line is your gateway to recapturing an audience. Take a look at these proven types of re-engagement subject lines. Use them as a template to build the best cold email subject lines possible and energize those dormant contacts.

The Personalized Subject Line

People respond to their names. If you want to stand out in a cluttered inbox, insert the person’s (or business’s) name in your subject line. With an automation platform driven by CRM data like Keap, this is extremely easy to do. Just drop Merge Fields into your text.

Here are a few examples of cold email subject lines personalized using merge fields.

1. “Howdy [first name], have you seen our new releases?”

2. “We hope you’re enjoying [service/product]. Thank you for your business.”

3. “Thank you [first name]!” (Sometimes less is more)

By leveraging sales and marketing automation with CRM, you’ve got the power to connect emotionally with your leads. To boost open rates, leverage merge fields to insert client data dynamically.

The Confident Subject Line

Your leads are going to take their cues from you. That’s why it’s essential to treat email interactions like those in real life.

Imagine you’re excited about a new product. Then, you interact with some sad sales rep, and they tell you how average their sales and service are. You need to bring enthusiasm to the cold email subject line, so the client is primed and excited to convert.

4. Get them pumped! Write copy that energizes and intrigues the reader.

5. We just created something truly amazing!

6. Everything you loved about our flagship product is getting better this fall.

All the upgrades you asked for at a price no one can beat!

If possible, use your CRM platform to tag your audience based on their behavior, such as whether they’ve subscribed or purchased from you. From there, you can increase your click-through rates by 100.95% according to some studies with properly segmented campaigns.

The “Friend” Subject Line

Greet your audience like an old friend. Not just because it builds trust—but because including a recipient’s name in your email subject line increases open rates. Be conversational and steer clear of disingenuous sales tactics or emotional manipulations. Just talk to your contacts, like you would a friend.

7. “[first name], It’s been forever since we heard from you. What’s new?”

8. “Hi [first name]. We didn’t see you at the last webinar and wanted to check in on you.”

9. “Hey [first name], we might have something that could help [[business name]].”

Personalization is incredibly potent on these types of subject lines.

If you’re speaking as a friend, use their name.

These cold email subject lines don’t need to be sales-driven to warm up leads. Even the body copy of the email could be something simple like, “If we can be of any help, please reach out to us.” This isn’t a time to push sales. What you want is to let these leads know you’re thinking about them. This builds trust and is excellent for building long-term relationships. It’s also just a good idea to make contact without selling once in a while.

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The “We Need Your Help” Subject Line

Give your audience the chance to tell you what they want. Most people want their opinion to count. By reaching out with a subject line that asks the audience for their help, they feel empowered and connected to your business. By making them part of the team, you give them a reason to open your messages. A simple open question is a great start.

10. “What are some features you’d like to see in our next release?”

11. “If you were in charge, what would you do?”

12. “Rank our products from best to worst.”

From there, you can send them to a landing page with a simple survey or data field to fill out. Now, not only have you re-engaged with a cold lead, but they’re providing valuable product information. WIN-WIN!

Now What?

If you’re looking to build the best cold email subject lines that generate clicks, do a little research first. Examine your contacts. Start tagging and segmenting them in your CRM by industry, behavior, and demographics. Then ensure you’re writing subject lines that reflect your company culture and tone.

When it comes to re-engaging cold leads, you want precision, not speed.

Once you’ve written some subject line gems, it’s time to test them out. Start a free trial with Keap, and you can quickly build automated sends. With the Keap dashboard, you’ll be able to see exactly how well each send performs.

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