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How 3 different industries use small business CRM and automation technology

Sara Korn

Updated: Nov 02, 2023 · 4 min read

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Customer relationship management (CRM) systems have been used for many years by large corporations. Now, small businesses are discovering and harnessing the power of small business CRM and business automation software to streamline operations, reduce costs and provide a better customer experience.

Let’s take a look at how CRM and automation software can be used to benefit small businesses in the healthcare, legal and fitness industries.

Healthcare CRM benefits

The healthcare industry is one of the most complex and highly regulated industries in the world. That’s why small businesses in this industry require a robust CRM system to efficiently manage patient data, appointments, billing and other essential information.

Here are some ways a CRM for small business can benefit the healthcare industry:

  1. Improved patient communication: A healthcare CRM system allows healthcare providers to easily communicate with patients using email and text messaging. Audience segmentation and personalized automation makes it possible to send individualized communications to a large number of patients. This helps patients stay informed about their healthcare needs and treatment plans, which can improve patient outcomes.
  2. Streamlined patient data management: A CRM manages patient data efficiently from one central system. This includes patient demographics, medical history, medications, appointment information, etc. Healthcare providers can access patient data quickly and securely, which helps to improve patient care.
  3. Increased operational efficiency: Healthcare CRM software can automate many manual processes, such as appointment scheduling and billing, freeing up healthcare providers' time to focus on patient care. This can help smaller practices increase efficiency and reduce costs, which is essential in the highly competitive healthcare industry.
  4. Enhanced analytics: A small business CRM provides a wealth of data that can be used to improve patient care and business operations. By analyzing patient data, healthcare providers can identify trends, make informed decisions and deliver personalized care to their patients.

Benefits of a CRM for lawyers

The legal industry is known for its complex and time-consuming processes. A small business CRM system can be a valuable tool for legal professionals to streamline their processes and improve efficiency, which makes more time available for billable work.

Ways a CRM software for small business can benefit the legal industry include:

  1. Centralized client data management: A CRM system can centralize all client data, including contact information, case details and other relevant information. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors. Legal professionals can access client data from anywhere, making it easier to collaborate with colleagues and work remotely.
  2. Streamlined communications: A CRM for lawyers can automate communication with clients, such as email reminders and appointment notifications. This ensures that clients are informed about case updates and deadlines, which can improve client satisfaction and reduce missed deadlines.
  3. Increased efficiency: A CRM can automate many manual processes, such as appointment setting, billing reminders and information requests. This saves time and improves productivity, allowing legal professionals to spend less time on administrative work and focus instead on delivering high-quality legal services.
  4. Enhanced marketing analytics: A small business CRM provides legal professionals with a wealth of data that can be used to improve their marketing efforts and business operations. By analyzing client data, legal professionals can identify trends, measure performance and make data-driven decisions.

CRM for gyms and fitness studios

The fitness industry is highly competitive, with numerous gyms and fitness centers vying for customers' attention. A small business CRM system can help fitness businesses differentiate themselves and provide exceptional customer experiences.

The fitness industry benefits from using CRM software for small business for:

  1. Personalized customer experiences: A CRM for gyms can help provide personalized customer experiences by storing client data, including workout history, fitness goals and preferences. This information can be used to customize workouts, recommend supplements and track progress.
  2. Streamlined scheduling: A CRM system can automate scheduling and appointment reminders, reducing no-shows and cancellations. This saves time for fitness businesses and allows them to focus on delivering high-quality training sessions.
  3. Enhanced marketing: A small business CRM can track customer behavior, such as attendance and purchase history and use this data to target marketing efforts. This can help fitness businesses to reach the right customers with the right message, leading to increased revenue and customer loyalty.
  4. Improved retention: A CRM can help fitness businesses improve customer retention by tracking customer progress, providing personalized recommendations and sending timely reminders. This can help customers stay motivated and achieve their fitness goals, leading to higher retention rates.

CRM and automation benefits for all small businesses

As you can see from these examples, there are specific ways a CRM can be applied to every industry. Overall, a CRM software for small business is valuable across all industries for:

  • Centralizing client data and making it easily available
  • Reducing manual data entry and errors that can result from manual processes
  • Personalizing and automating client communications
  • Responding quickly to prospects and clients
  • Streamlining operations and improve efficiency
  • Reducing administrative overhead and increasing the availability of billable hours
  • Providing valuable analytics that can inform business decisions
  • Creating a better client experience and improving retention

To try the best CRM for small businesses, start a 14-day free trial of Keap today (no credit card required). See for yourself how CRM and automation can benefit your small business!

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