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How to create dedicated landing pages to close more sales

Jeremy Moser

Updated: Dec 07, 2023 · 5 min read

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Generating leads and nurturing them through the sales process is far from easy. While automation and CRM data can help, some leads are tougher than others to close.

For those leads, you need to bring out the big guns: personalized, targeted, dedicated landing pages.

Here’s why dedicated landing pages are key and how to create them to close more sales in conjunction with your CRM:

What are dedicated landing pages and why do they work?

Dedicated landing pages can serve diverse purposes beyond just closing deals on new customers. They're also perfect for upselling.

Looking to run a specific sales promotion for a product or service offering? Dedicated landing pages are your best bet.

But, what exactly are dedicated landing pages? And why do they convert better than your standard landing page? Let’s take a look.

Dedicated landing pages are developed and created to target specific customers, niche market segments, or a grouping of extremely similar marketing targets.

For example, dedicated landing pages are more broadly seen on software company sites like Woven:

Here, Woven targets a specific query of calendar scheduling. On other landing pages, it targets topics like calendar templates, polls, and more.

Evernote uses dedicated landing pages to separate its main target markets, like businesses (compared to start-ups, entrepreneurs, students, etc):

Why not just create a single, standardized landing page showcasing the features? Because distinct customers, markets, and segments don’t have the same goals, needs, and pain points.

By standardizing, you miss the art of personalization. And personalization drives sales, according to nearly endless studies.

For example, if you created a single landing page for Evernote, how could you expect to communicate value to both students and large-scale businesses? The copywriting wouldn’t make sense. You’d have to use generic messaging like “take notes efficiently,” rather than “create visibility into projects, workflows, and deadlines.” With specific landing pages, you can personalize the value proposition and copywriting to speak directly to a target.

Now that you know the value of dedicated landing pages, here's how you can create them.

How to create dedicated landing pages

Creating dedicated landing pages can seem tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. After all, what if you want to target 10 market segments or 15 specific potential accounts/customers?

Here are 2 main options based on scale and expense.

Option 1: website builders

Website builders are one of the better options for custom landing page development because they're inexpensive, scalable, and easy to use.

According to WebsiteSetup, website builders “give you almost everything you’d ever want at less than 1% of the cost...a good custom website could easily cost $2,000 (on the low end). Making changes can still require a freelance designer and a webmaster to help you continually update your site.”

Custom development is expensive not only on the front-end, but anytime you need to make updates or changes. In addition, there are severe lag times between inspiration and actual production.

In the meantime, website builders offer a cheaper, easier route:


Plus, with a website builder, all you need to do is duplicate your landing page templates and change the copy to reflect new targets.

For example, create a single landing page dedicated to 1 target segment:


Then, duplicate that landing page, change the images and copy, and it’s now targeted at a new segment:


Without any development, coding, or back-end work, you can duplicate and scale landing pages in a matter of minutes.

This means you can spin up a brand new, personalized landing page for a prospect on the fly. Simply connect to a sub-domain or your main site URL and link your prospects to the page.

Rather than getting a sales-heavy powerpoint pitch, they’ll land on a personalized URL that speaks to their wants and needs.

Option 2: custom development

Custom website development is fantastic. You can hire a developer to create fast, responsive landing pages without lifting a finger.

The only problem is they take more time. The process of hiring a great developer doesn't happen overnight. Instead, you have to interview, vet, and hire a developer or agency. From there, you draft a strategy plan, mock-ups, and designs before ever seeing it go live. And when it comes to quick landing page campaigns to close leads to sales, time is of the essence.

If you have a developer on retainer or staff, they might be too busy with more important aspects than marketing and sales campaigns. This can lead to bottlenecks in your process that further delay sales.

If you have the time and capital for custom development, it can lead to fantastic and unique experiences that website builders can’t compete with.

But if you are on a time crunch and want smooth, clean landing pages, website builders are a great choice too.


Creating dedicated landing pages can help you personalize experiences for your most important leads. They help you set your brand apart and provide more critical information to close sales in a format consumers already enjoy.

So, what are you waiting for?

Create dedicated landing page campaigns and close sales with ease.

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