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Twitter Advertising: Best Practices Broken Down by Retail Industry, Business Size

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Tracey Wallace

For small business advertisers on Twitter, it’s important to know the exact type of tweet that gets the most engagement from users on that platform. After all, ROI is at stake and no dollar need go to waste.

To help SMBs better understand the desires of their target audiences, Twitter examined 190,000 promoted tweets from SMB advertisers for statistically significant differences between the mean engagement rates. The results of that examination pointed to the following key themes as successful advertisement criteria:

  • Length: Promoted tweets under 100 characters get 18% more engagement
  • Tools: Promoted tweets with Website Cards get 43% more engagement
  • Rich Media: Promoted tweets with rich media get 313% more engagement and 52% more retweets. Tweets with Vines instead of just a photo, for instance, receive 246% more engagement.
  • Responsiveness: Promoted tweets from accounts that reply to users on Twitter at least 1 time per week see 18% more engagement

In all, the study found that brands will see the most ROI from Twitter campaigns if they punctuate organic activity with 3-6 promoted tweets under 100 characters each, give clicks context via Website Cards, get creative with rich media (e.g. Vines and photos), and have frequent conversations with customers on Twitter outside of their promoted tweet efforts.

For additional information on how to increase your ROI from Twitter advertising, it’s smart to also note that different target audiences on Twitter react differently to the content focus on promoted tweets. New data from studies conducted by Twitter with Millward Brown and Crimson Hexagon reveal five different shopping funnels for Twitter users based on brand industry.

Below is what you need to know about how users engage with different kinds of brands on Twitter before making a conversion.

Big Box Retailers

Purchase funnel hotspot: Evaluation
Top sales driver: Customer service
Recommendation: To maintain or grow your market share, make sure your customer support is competitive.


Consumer Electronics

Purchase funnel hotspot: Post-purchase chatter
Top sales driver: Advertisements
Recommendation: Create incentives for people to tweet about their purchases and release buzz-worthy advertisements.



Purchase funnel hotspot: Purchase intent
Top sales driver: Price
Recommendation: Use engaging promoted tweets with images to promote deals and sales and drive traffic to your online store.


Home Improvement

Purchase funnel hotspot: Conversion
Top sales driver: Seeking suggestions
Recommendation: Use visually engaging tweet formats to distribute branded home improvement how-to’s, and include links to product pages where users can easily convert to purchase within a click or two.



Purchase funnel hotspot: Interest/consideration
Top sales driver: Recommendations
Recommendation: Share product recommendations that align with trends and meet the needs of your customers.


In all, listen, respond and connect to your Twitter audience in a human-way, providing them with updates as to new products and educational information, rather than trying to convince them to buy. This holds true no matter your brand industry.


This article was written by Tracey Wallace from Business2Community and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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