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Instagram Marketing: A Important Checklist Every Business Needs

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Lily Cooper

Instagram is one of the top used social media in the United States. With 800 million users consisting of bloggers, entrepreneurs, teens, adults, fan pages, celebrities, and more, it’s a great platform to showcase your business. 

That being said, there are many ways to go about marketing your business on Instagram. Each business has a different game plan, but the fundamentals of a good account tend to stay the same across the board.

Here’s a handy checklist you can use to ensure your Instagram profile is in tip-top shape to promote your business:

Instagram profile checklist

If you haven’t made an Instagram for your business, go and download the app now. Be sure to use your business email address to sign up.

1. Instagram name

 bloguettes following.png

Make sure the Instagram user is the name of your business and easy to find.

2. Instagram bio

 bloguettes bio.png

Make your bio catchy and memorable. Be sure to explain what your business is about and add your own personal flare. Don’t forget to include a link back to your website.

3. Profile picture

profile picture.png 

Use the profile picture as a way to brand yourself. Make it simple, clean, and recognizable. A great way to do this is by using your logo.

4. Follow

instagram following.png 

Follow other businesses in your niche. It’s a great way to make friends and build a following.

5. Business

instagram business.png 

Go to settings and change your Instagram to "Business." This allows you to see statistics, advertise, and access a few additional features. 

Photography checklist 

1. Taking a photo

taking a picture.png  

Make sure your photos are clear and high quality. You don’t have to pay big bucks for a photographer either. You can take amazing photos with your iPhone. Just grab your phone, find good lighting, and take your photo.

2. Editing


Edit your photos the same way every time. Find a filter you like, choose the exposure, contrast, saturation, temperature, and use it the same way for every picture forever. Make sure the filter you choose matches your brand and your website so customers will get familiar with your brand. 

Posting checklist

1. Ask yourself these questions before posting content: 

  • Does this make sense for my audience?
  • Does this make sense for my brand?
  • Is it offensive or can be misinterpreted?
  • Is this the best time to be posting?
  • Is the caption engaging?
  • Does it fit well into my grid? 

2. Caption

bloguettes caption.png

The way you caption is so important. Stay authentic and true to yourself; your audience will know when you're trying too hard. Make it relevant to your photo and specific to your audience in mind. Keep in mind of the holidays, national days, and popular hashtags. Posing a question is also a fun way to get your audience’s interaction.

3. Times

time chart.png 

If you have your Instagram set to business (and you should) you can view what times to post gets you the best interaction. Pay attention to those times and post around them. You will definitely see a difference between stats.

4. Cohesive theme

cohesive theme.png

Make sure the photo goes with your theme and complements the surrounding pictures. Have a balanced mixture of pictures of people, things, and scenery. At the same time, be sure to be creative and make the theme your own. 

After you post



Reply to your comments. People love when you are interact with them and take the time to respond. Whether it be answering a complaint or just saying "thanks," it can make a huge difference.

2. Instagram Story

instagram story.png 

Stories are one of the first things people see when they log into the app. Utilize this feature and advertise your newest post. It’s not annoying, and it’s a great way to get your post seen by more users. Sometimes people won’t see your post until days later. Let them know that you posted and take a poll, or have an interactive feature to make it more fun.

3. Connect accounts

connect accounts 1.pngconnect accounts 2.png  

Connect your other social media accounts to Instagram so whenever you post, it also gets posted onto platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest. This gives your audience a wide range to find you.

And that’s the checklist for using Instagram to meet all of your marketing needs. Whether you're a blogger, entrepreneur, or marketer, Instagram is an amazing place for building your brand advertising and connecting with customers.

Lily Cooper is an editorial intern at Bloguettes, an education, training and consulting training for small businesses. She has a love for writing, reading, and drinking coffee. She attends Grand Canyon University where she studies English Literature. You can find her doing anything creative in a cute coffee shop, updating her blog, or traveling to new places.

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