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Give your online sales a boost with Keap's native ecommerce and payments

Selling online is easier than ever before for small businesses, thanks to Keap’s powerful ecommerce and payments platform. With Keap’s CRM, ecommerce, invoicing, and payment processing, you can customize to your needs and avoid adding other third-party tools.

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How small businesses use Keap's CRM with invoicing & payments

Push conversion rates with upsells and promos

Promo codes can create new and repeat business with the right offer at the right time. One-click upsells can push your average order value higher and maximize revenue. Between the two, your sales are about to level up.

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Don't lose the sale at the last minute

The last thing you want is clients abandoning their cart. Now, you can create a seamless, customized checkout process, one that reflects your branding and triggers both automated follow-up plus abandon cart nurtures.

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Process payments right in your CRM

With Keap’s native payment processors, you can invoice and receive payments in one place, using:

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I feel confident knowing that our ecommerce backend is truly safe, secure, and easy to use.

Jerome D. - Urban Professionals

See your sales multiply on the reporting dashboard

The days of confusing spreadsheets and reporting are over. Within the Keap app, you can track intuitive sales reports and set success metrics that are customized to the growth goals of your business.

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Connect your existing software tools seamlessly

Keap’s powerful CRM connects easily to all the data, apps, and devices that are behind the day-to-day operations of your business. That includes Shopify and Quickbooks, allowing you to trigger automations and sell more effectively.

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Did you know that Keap has helped drive $2.6 BILLION in online sales for customers?

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Frequently asked questions

  • Are ecommerce and payment features free with a Keap app?

    Payments processed via invoices are subject to the merchant transaction fee associated with the payment processor. Recurring payments, quotes, and invoicing are available with Keap Lite, Keap Pro, and Keap Max.

  • Can I send a quote directly to my customers?

    Yes! Keap’s CRM and invoicing platform allows you to send a personalized quote directly to your current and prospective customers. Keap also offers the ability for customers to pay directly from the quote.

  • I need to invoice customers on a regular schedule. Can I set up automatically recurring payments?

    With a billing system directly integrated with CRM, you can set up recurring payments, determine payment frequency, add custom start and end dates, and pause payments when necessary. Recurring payments can be accessed in the contact record.

    Read more about recurring payments in Keap here.

  • Is Keap’s payment processing software a good fit for ecommerce stores?

    Many ecommerce stores currently use Keap to grow. Keap’s payment processing software is very capable of processing a high volume of payments and online orders, so ecommerce stores can certainly use Keap to grow their business.

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