How an Orthodontist Made Millions with Lifecycle Marketing (Webinar)

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How an Orthodontist Made Millions with Lifecycle Marketing (Webinar)

Orthodontic marketing ideas from an orthodontist who turned his business around

Dr. Dustin Burleson of Burleson Orthodontics hosts this webinar to show you how the orthodontic marketing ideas he used to grow his dentistry can be applied to any small business. He gives valuable information on how to:

  • Attract new customers on Facebook and Google
  • Capture data online and offline with automated follow-up
  • Create lead generation content magnets
  • Nurture prospects who “aren't ready”
  • Keep your customers and employees delighted

Attention: small business owners

Ok guys, I want to share with you a little bit about our story with Infusionsoft. I need to get your attention a little bit as most of us are small business owners. By the time we are done with this webinar, according to US department of labor statistics, 9 small businesses will complete their bankruptcy filing and another 293 will file their initial bankruptcy papers.

The smartest people on this call will look at what I am about to say and ask, “How can I apply this to my business?” Too many people on this call will say something along the lines of: “This guy is a dentist, and this doesn’t apply to me because I am in a different field.” That’s unfortunate.

Why the name change?

Our new product, Keap, is pioneering smart client management, just as Infusionsoft did for sales and marketing automation 18 years ago.

We believe there’s a better way to manage sales for service businesses both big and small. And that’s Keap—one company with two products to serve all small businesses.

Smart client management software that helps turn incoming leads into satisfied clients.

The #1 all-in-one CRM and advanced marketing automation platform, as rated by G2 Crowd.

Keep serving. Keep striving. Keep growing.