Rocket your Company to Success: Strategies of the 2013 Ultimate Marketer Winners (Webinar)

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Rocket your Company to Success: Strategies of the 2013 Ultimate Marketer Winners (Webinar)

Learn some of the best marketing strategies for small business from The Rocket Company

The Rocket Company founder, Casey Graham, and COO, Michael Lukaszewski, bring you their company’s story and how they went from being in debt to making over $2 million in just a few years. They’ll share the best marketing strategies for small businesses, as well as how to gain more customers and build referral business. You’ll learn:

  • How The Rocket Company grew revenue 832%
  • Effective strategies for building your lead list
  • How to deliver happiness to your customers
  • Best practices to engage your customers for life and boost referrals

The Rocket Company takes off

My name is Casey Graham. I am so fired up. Our Infusionsoft story started with me almost getting killed in the Philippines by a drunk man who tried to crawl through a window and kill me. And you may wonder why in the world I was in the Philippines and I’ll tell you little bit about that later…

When we started, we literally had awful strategy. We wanted to help churches succeed. We thought that the best way to do this was to get into my red truck, strap in the curriculum in the seatbelt next to me and go door to door.

I initially thought business was going to be so easy. I thought business owners had the good life. I ended up working tons of hours trying to make things work. This red truck serves as a symbol of where we started.

I got into this business to create freedom but it ended up being the opposite. I remember missing dad’s night. I missed it because I was busy working. I was miserable. I was worn out, tired, down and depressed.


Why the name change?

Our new product, Keap, is pioneering smart client management, just as Infusionsoft did for sales and marketing automation 18 years ago.

We believe there’s a better way to manage sales for service businesses both big and small. And that’s Keap—one company with two products to serve all small businesses.

Smart client management software that helps turn incoming leads into satisfied clients.

The #1 all-in-one CRM and advanced marketing automation platform, as rated by G2 Crowd.

Keep serving. Keep striving. Keep growing.