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Whether you need help recreating your existing marketing assets, importing data or building automations, our Pro Services team can get you up and running in Keap quickly so you can see results sooner.

Free migration services

As a new Keap customer, you’ll receive up to 15 hours of free migration services. We'll recreate your crucial marketing assets from your previous software, including:

  • Email templates

  • Landing pages*

  • Web forms

  • Automations

  • Sales pipeline

  • Basic contacts import*

* A few limitations apply to the free services, and advanced services are available at an affordable price. If your migration will take more than 15 hours, we can do the rest for an additional charge, but the first 15 hours are always free.

Schedule a free migration consult to discuss your specific needs and get started.

Advanced data import services

If you need to transfer more complicated information than our free services cover, we offer advanced packages at affordable prices to fit small business budgets.

  • Credit card import — $400

    This package provides a safe, secure, and easy import of credit card data so you don’t lose valuable sales when transitioning to Keap.

    • Includes credit card data for new or existing contacts. We prioritize your customers’ security and privacy at all times.
    • To ensure your customers’ privacy, credit card data must be sent using Keap’s data encryption method.
    • This one-time CSV data import will be completed in 3-7 business days.

  • Advanced data import — $999

    This advanced import package offers a one-time import of your data. You’ll work directly with your project coordinator to choose the most reliable data import method.

    • Import includes contacts, companies, tags, notes, tasks, appointments (Max Classic only), opportunities (Max Classic only), deals (Pro/Max, limited) and products.
    • Up to 50 files total (each sheet in an Excel file counts as a file).
    • This one-time CSV data import will be completed in 3-5 business days.

  • Limited ecommerce data import — $999

    We’ll securely import your ecommerce data, including orders, subscriptions and credit cards.

    • Import includes basic contact records, order history, subscriptions, credit card data, payment records and products.
    • This one-time CSV data import will be completed in 3-7 business days.

    Note: If you also need help importing CRM data (including, tags, companies, notes and tasks), check out the Complete Ecommerce Data Import which combines this Ecommerce Data Import with our Advanced Data Import.

  • Complete ecommerce data import — $1,999

    A combination of the Advanced Data Import and the Limited Ecommerce Data Import, this package smoothly migrates your products, order history and payment records, customized for your ecommerce small business.

    • Includes everything from Advanced Data Import plus order history, subscriptions, referral partners (Max Classic only), and file attachments.
    • Does not include importing credit card data. That is available as a separate service.
    • This one-time CSV data import will be completed in 3-5 business days.

To request advanced data import services, start with the free migration form to schedule a call with a Keap migration coordinator.

Done-for-you services

No time to create a game-changing campaign in your Keap app? No problem. Keap's automation experts will build it for you — including automation, reporting, and copy and design templates customized to your small business.

Choose from six popular campaign types, or ask us to create a custom campaign to fit your needs.

  • Lead Magnet Download for lead capture and follow-up

  • Schedule a Free Consult to drive appointment scheduling and pre/post-call nurture

  • Contact Us for quick and easy lead capture and nurture

  • Sales Offer Broadcast for sales emails and online checkout

  • Re-engagement Offer to nurture and convert lukewarm leads

  • Sales Pipeline to automate your sales or fulfillment process

  • Custom Blueprint tailored to your unique needs!

Done-For-You Play Blueprints are priced to fit small business budgets at $499. Schedule a free consultation to find out more and get started.

Frequently asked questions

  • What can Keap migrate for me?

    New Keap customers receive up to 15 hours of free migration services, including:

    • Recreation of marketing assets
      • Email templates
      • Landing pages (checkout functionality not included for free)
      • Web forms
      • Automations
      • Sales pipeline

    • Basic data import
      • Contacts
      • Companies
      • Tags
      • Custom fields

    Advanced services, such as ecommerce imports, and migrations beyond the free 15 hours are available at an affordable price.

  • What isn’t included in Keap’s free migration?

    The following is NOT included in free migration:

    • Ecommerce setup, including checkout forms
    • Credit card data import
    • Appointments
    • Integration, custom coding or API setup

    Contact sales for more details.

  • What if I need more than Keap’s free migration offers?

    You can purchase one of our advanced import packages as outlined above, and/or we can give you a quote for migration services above the 15 hours you get for free. We also have a robust Keap Partner ecosystem, and can recommend several trusted partners who are familiar with migrating large amounts of content to Keap. Contact sales for more details.

  • Will Keap import my contacts?

    Yes, we will! We can import contacts, companies, tags and custom fields with your free migration. We can import up to 10 files in CSV format. If the data is in Excel format, each sheet counts as one file.

    All customers are responsible for exporting their own data. Work with your current provider to export, use these tips to clean up the data, then let us know when you're ready to import it. We’ll take it from there.

  • Can I use my Keap application while the migration and import is taking place?

    Absolutely. We encourage you to begin working with your application during the building process.

  • What if there are functional differences between Keap and my previous system?

    Each migration begins with a scoping call, where the migration expert reviews the system you’d like to migrate from. Major differences are typically reviewed at this point. If we come across significant differences, we’ll contact you to discuss the best next steps.

  • Which systems does Keap migrate from?

    We work with most major providers, including ActiveCampaign, AWeber, ClickFunnels, Constant Contact, HubSpot, Mailchimp and Ontraport. If your system isn’t listed, don’t worry. We can review during the scoping call to make sure there aren’t any major concerns.

  • Can I migrate from more than one system into Keap?

    Yes, we can migrate from multiple software systems. In fact, one of the benefits of switching to Keap is the ability to consolidate many pieces of technology into one streamlined system.

  • How long will it take to get set up in Keap?

    Most standard migrations can be completed in 5-10 business days. If you only need contacts imported, that can be done in 3-5 business days.

    Each project is unique, and timelines can vary. After your initial scoping call with our migration expert, we will be able to offer a definitive estimate.

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