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Contactually Alternatives: Competitors to Consider Before the Shutdown

Sara Korn

Updated: Feb 26, 2022 · 7 min read

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Contactually, a contact management software for the real estate industry, will be shutting down on March 31, 2022. While this may be an inconvenience for Contactually customers, it also provides an opportunity to upgrade to a new software that does everything Contactually can do—and more.

The first step to take before transitioning is to export your data from Contractually. According to the instructions on the Contractually website, you can export your contacts and data by clicking on the CSV Export button in the top right of your Contacts page.

Now for the fun part: Finding a replacement for Contactually that can manage your contacts and relationships better than ever!

Contactually competitors for real estate agents and brokers

There are many Contactually alternatives to consider, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top six based on a combination of a broad mix of features and real-estate-specific features.

1. Keap

Keap is an all-in-one sales and marketing automation software for small businesses and solopreneurs that can automatically capture lead information, send personalized follow-up via email and text message, keep a record of all interactions with leads and clients, and a lot more.

Key features:

  • CRM with tags, notes, and tasks
  • Appointment scheduling tool
  • Automated follow-up (email and text)
  • Sales pipeline and task management
  • Landing pages and lead forms
  • Text marketing (1-to-1, broadcasts, automations)
  • Free business phone line
  • Dial contacts directly from the app (mobile and desktop)
  • Integrates with many other apps, including Gmail and Outlook


  • Includes features that many real-estate-only apps don’t have, like appointment scheduling, text marketing, and a free business phone number
  • Keeps track of every communication to a contact in one place, including individual emails, calls, and texts, automated messages, and email and text broadcasts
  • Automations are easy to create and highly customizable
  • Offers free migration done-for-you services
  • Transparent pricing


  • Not designed specifically for real estate agents
  • Doesn’t integrate with MLS


Keap’s powerful, highly customizable automations can save hours a week by eliminating manual follow-up tasks, and can help you close more leads faster. It’s a great choice if you’re ready to take your CRM to the next level and eliminate other software (like appointment scheduling and text marketing) with an all-in-one software package.

2. LionDesk

LionDesk is a real estate CRM and Contactually competitor that has some interesting lead generation and sales features. Like Keap, it allows you to dial contacts directly from the app, integrates with your phone, and offers done-for-you services.

Key features:

  • CRM with task management and reminders
  • Sales pipeline (transaction management)
  • Facebook ad integration (lead generation)
  • Power dialer (call directly from the app)
  • Integrations (including Gmail as well as real-estate specific tools)


  • Built specifically for real estate
  • Allows you to initiate calls to customers and leads right from the app
  • Has sales features like Facebook ad management and pipeline management
  • Includes email campaign capabilities
  • Transparent pricing


  • Doesn’t include IDX websites, landing pages, or appointment scheduling
  • Automations are very basic


LionDesk is a good all-in-one option. It allows you to send bulk emails and text messages as well as one-to-one communications. It integrates with Facebook for lead generation. But unfortunately you’ll need a separate website service.

3. BoomTown!

BoomTown! is a real estate CRM that not only manages leads but can also help you generate leads with digital marketing and qualify leads with machine learning.

Key features:

  • CRM with tagging and segmentation
  • IDX website and landing pages
  • Automated follow-up
  • Smart-drip email nurture
  • Listing promotion
  • Pipeline management and lead routing


  • Built specifically for real estate
  • Robust feature set
  • Lead generation and qualification tools


  • Lacks some important features like appointment scheduling and text marketing
  • Pricing is not listed on their website; you have to watch a video first


BoomTown! is a strong contender thanks to its lead generation, IDX website, and automated contact nurture features. Unfortunately, you have to jump through some hoops to see the pricing.

4. Brivity

Brivity is a user-friendly real estate CRM that integrates with your phone and easily lets you send targeted listing alerts.

Key features:

  • CRM with task management
  • IDX websites and valuation sites
  • CMA & market reports
  • Text lead capture
  • Click to call
  • Automated follow-up


  • Built specifically for real estate
  • Listing alert nurture emails
  • Includes IDX website and home valuation website capabilities
  • Integrates with many other apps, like Zillow and Google


  • Requires other software to handle tasks like appointment scheduling, task management, email nurture, and text marketing
  • Pricing is not listed on their website; you have to answer questions first


Brivity is good for organizing contact information and task management. It can also create websites that pull from MLS and home valuation data through integrations.

5. TopProducer

TopProducer is a real estate CRM with a user-friendly interface. Its most unique feature is the personalized market snapshots.

Key features:

  • CRM with notes, tasks, and calendar integration
  • Task management
  • Social media insights
  • Connects to MLS
  • Transaction management and workflows
  • Personalized market snapshots


  • Built specifically for real estate
  • Easily send customized market snapshots
  • Pipeline management for leads and clients
  • Integrates with other apps like social media and Google
  • Transparent pricing


  • Doesn’t include key tools like appointment scheduling and automated email nurture
  • Lacks tools to get contact data into the CRM, like website forms and business card scanning


TopProducer is a good option for managing leads and clients once you have their information, but it doesn’t help you get contact information into the system. It doesn’t have much in the way of automation features, so you still have to manually manage the system.

6. Relatable

Relatable is a very basic real estate CRM software built for managing relationships. It is basically a dressed-up spreadsheet. The introductions feature is a cool, unique addition.

Key features:

  • Spreadsheet-style CRM
  • Task management
  • Manual lead-scoring to identify strongest opportunities
  • Make and track introductions


  • Built specifically for real estate
  • Has a direct import tool from Contactually
  • Integrates with many other apps, like Zillow and Google


  • Very basic CRM and task management functionality
  • Still requires other software to handle tasks like appointment scheduling, marketing automation, pipeline management, etc.
  • Pricing is not listed on their website
  • You can’t sign up right away; fill out a form and they’ll get back to you


If you don’t care about adding functionality or consolidating other software into one package, Relatable could be a simple solution to replace Contractually. However, it’s basically just one step up from a spreadsheet, and is formatted a lot like one, so it may be too limited for many users.

Get more value from your real estate CRM with Contactually alternatives

As you can see, there are many Contactually competitors that offer a robust real estate CRM solution. When looking at your options, consider these questions:

  • What features would I like to add that I don’t have now?
  • What manual tasks are taking up a lot of time that I’d like to automate?
  • Can I eliminate some of my other software subscriptions by upgrading to an all-in-one solution?

If you want to accomplish all of the above, check out Keap. You can start a 14–day free trial right away or learn more about how Keap works for real estate.

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