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Four popular integrations your small business CRM needs

Caroline Burk

Updated: May 29, 2024 · 4 min read

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Your business should run like an ant colony. Stay with me here — I promise it will make sense.

Ant colonies are incredible because they’re so well-connected. Every area communicates with the others to help the larger system run as efficiently as possible.

Don’t you want your business to work this same way? If so, integrations will be your best friend. Integrating other apps with your small business CRM and automation software allows you to pass important lead and customer data between tools and trigger more detailed automated sequences.

Let’s explore four of Keap’s most popular integrations to see how they can lead to greater efficiency, smoother workflows, and increased ROI for your business.

Gmail and Outlook

How many emails do you and your team send a day? Countless is probably the most accurate answer. There’s tons of valuable information floating around your inbox, whether it’s internal information between you and your team or important conversations with leads. But with all of those emails flying in and out, it’s impossible to keep track of important details yourself, and storing them in your email processor isn’t the best option.

Here’s what you can do instead: Use Keap’s Gmail and Outlook integration to sync your inbox and automatically match the email addresses you’re messaging with contact records in your CRM database. Then, the software can store incoming and outgoing messages to each corresponding contact record.

This solution saves you the time and hassle of sifting through your busy inbox for crucial details. Plus, you don’t have to spend precious energy manually inputting those details in your CRM for small business.


Are you selling your expertise to your audience in the form of webinars? If so, this integration will lift a weight off of your shoulders and help you make the most of your online event.

After integrating your WebinarJam account with your Keap app, Keap can serve as a webinar admin by monitoring everyone who:

  • Registered
  • Attended or skipped out
  • Arrived late or left early
  • Purchased another product or service from the webinar
  • Watched the replay
  • And more

All of this information will then be stored in your CRM so you can trigger hyper-specific automated follow-up campaigns after each event has wrapped.


If you’ve built detailed, branded forms on other websites, you may not be ready to rebuild those forms in your Keap app just yet. That’s okay! But you still need a way to transfer form submissions to your CRM without hours of manual effort. Fortunately, Keap offers integrations with FormLift, JotForm, Typeform and other providers to bridge the gap for you.

Simply connect your compatible form builder with your Keap account so whenever someone fills out a form, the data is automatically and immediately funneled to your small business CRM for safekeeping.

AppointmentCore and OnceHub

If you use AppointmentCore and OnceHub (formerly ScheduleOnce) to set up calls with leads and customers throughout the lifecycle journey, don’t leave your business automation and CRM software out of the equation.

By setting up this integration in your Keap account, you ensure:

  • Every client meeting is logged for future reference and linked to the correct contact record
  • Business automation automatically launches texts and emails before appointments to prepare your attendees and deliver any materials they might need for a successful meeting
  • Post-call lead nurturing campaigns are triggered and carried out without manual input

Bonus solution

If you came to this blog looking for a payment processor that integrates with Keap, we have something even better for you, and it’s called Keap Pay.

This brand-new payment processor doesn’t need an integration because it’s built directly into your Keap app at no extra charge (standard transaction fees apply). All you have to do is set it up by going to Settings > Sales settings > Payment processing > Set up Keap Pay.

For more details, explore Keap Pay today.

But wait, there’s more…

We only covered four of the countless integrations that are possible with Keap, so don’t stop here. Browse more integration possibilities, and as you do, look for the apps you use most often and discover what Keap can do to improve your workflows, provide greater insight, and automate more of your manual tasks.

You can also keep the ball rolling by checking out more strategies for maximizing your small business CRM software ROI.

Not a Keap customer? Discover what our small business automation and CRM software can do for your business.

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