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Why live chat customer support is the backbone of any business

Apeksha Goswami

Updated: Dec 13, 2023 · 4 min read

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Investing in the live chat platform is an efficient step toward improving your business’ service and engagement. Customer service plays an inevitable role in establishing a sustainable client base and permitting businesses to flourish.

Regardless of which industry your company is in or how quickly it’s growing, every lead generation company has been using live chat customer support to provide customers with real-time answers.

Live chat helps resolve consumer issues and gains revenue, playing a major role in building an intimate relationship between the product’s end-users and the client.

Here are 6 ways live chat customer support assumes any business’ backbone:

1. It efficiently engages with more customers

The live chat platform can engage more people at a time. As opposed to a customer agent who can only manage 1 call at a time or other consumer-support tasks, someone operating a live chat program can manage multiple live chat windows simultaneously.

As a result, it also offers many other benefits:

  • The ability to communicate and co-browse at the same time with the same consumer
  • Reduces consumer handling budget
  • It enhances the efficacy level of consumer representatives
  • It proves to be the current real-time system for customer support on the internet

2. Live chat is economical

Companies are always looking for cost-effective consumer service solutions, and live chat can help them with that. According to a study, 38% of customers commit to buying something based on a live chat session.

Live chat’s cost-effective examples include:

  • It raises the average order value, as consumers receive real-time suggestions as well as answers to any queries they could have
  • It saves the “product return” expenses, as the live chat agent can assist in helping customers choose the right service or product
  • It reduces the overall costs of the helpdesk center by decreasing waiting time in the queue as opposed to a call center
  • Provides real-time customer support service and an opportunity to address multiple questions, saving labor, time, and money for the business

3. It increases sales and conversion

Round-the-clock live chat support offers agents an ability to help customers through any queries or confusion during purchase. As a result, it decreases the bounce rate considerably. Many people prefer purchasing from sites that offer live chat because they can get their questions answered instantly. Live chat support during checkout enhances conversion rates. Having the live chat representatives available 24/7 confirms that you do not lose on sales.

Live chat services are only as good as the amount of training that was provided. It’s important to enlighten the live chat operators on the ins and outs of your products and services, so that they can suggest extra purchases that might be the best fit for that specific client. Needless to say, live chats hold major significance in delivering the best possible consumer experience and increasing sales for the business.

4. The convenience of live chat

  • It connects clients quickly with the agent – There is no need for you to dial the number and then press button after button before even getting to talk to somebody.

  • You can save past conversations – It becomes easier to guide consumers through problems when the previous conversations can be referred back to for context.

  • No wait time – Gone are those days when you have to be on hold while your call is answered in the order it was received.

  • The quick answer to customer queries – Often, email can lead to a lengthy back and forth; however, live chat services can resolve concerns in a single session.

5. Live chat’s competitive edge

Not only are medium- and small-sized companies embracing real-time consumer services, but also well-known businesses are utilizing live chat for being 1 step ahead of the competition. The live chat platform is a quality client service that will help consumers identity with your brand and associate it with a good customer experience.

6. Helps in establishing long-term relationships

For your business’ sustainability, building long-term relationships with clients is a necessity. Studies show that consumers purchase more often when they rely on live chat.

Long-term, satisfied consumers are statistically more likely to be loyal to you when they feel appreciated. Foster that sentiment by creating an overall customer support experience through live chat on their first visit. When consumers feel that their voice is being heard and chat with the company’s representative, there is a high probability they will feel a powerful connection to the business and share their positive experience.

About the author

Apeksha Goswami is a Digital Marketing Executive at Deskmoz. Her focus is on creating a well-knit digital link between the audience and the company which helps develop a sturdy relationship and drive new traffic towards the clients. She believes in herself a little more and also loves to express her thoughts to the world on Instagram.

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