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5 things you really need to read: the welcome email edition

Amy Saunders

Updated: Jun 11, 2021 · 3 min read

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First impressions are the most lasting in life—and in email. 

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A welcome email is your chance to set the tone for your future communications and for the ongoing relationship between your company and your customers. It helps explain the value of your company, outline expectations, and create a connection that makes asking for a sale more comfortable later on. 

Plus, a welcome email will likely get more attention than the messages you send next. Compared with other promotional emails, welcome emails are four times more likely to be opened and five times more likely to be clicked, according to a report by Experian Marketing Services.   

For an in-depth look effective welcome emails and using Keap automation software to send them, check out The Perfect Welcome Email, a guide from Keap and Digital Marketer. In the meantime, here are five articles that explore the art of the welcome email. 

The Perfect Welcome Email Template (via @DigitalMktr)

With an enviable open rate of 72 percent, Digital Marketer’s welcome email is six times more likely to be opened than a typical promotional email. The company believes the perfect welcome email boils down to five parts: the subject line, the personal opening, the benefit statement, the next steps, and the open loop. In analyzing its own example, Digital Marketer explains how welcome emails start the new subscriber down the path from stranger to customer and fan.

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7 Tips to Increase Welcome Email Marketing Engagement and Effectiveness.

Besides being welcoming, of course, the welcome email should make an impact on your subscriber—and your business. Try these seven tips to get subscribers more engaged with your email, like sending a welcome series, including an offer or incentive, and writing a conversational subject line (think “Welcome to our community!” not, “You have subscribed to the newsletter.”)

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The power of the Welcome Email [Infographic] (via @SmartInsights)

Not sure what to say in a welcome email? Digital marketing consultancy SmartInsights explains the strategy behind types of welcome emails: the thank you, the showcase, the offer, the hello, the shopping cart, and the video. 

The Best Welcome Email I Ever Received (via @returnpath)

In this post, the staff of Return Path, a provider of email data solutions, talks about the emails that made them feel welcome: from a new member’s guide to AAA resources to a thank you offer from REI to a playful greeting of “High there” from JetBlue. 

9 Steps to Better Welcome Emails (via @Kissmetrics)

Open rates, click-thru rates, CTAs, and transactions aside, remember this goal of the welcome email: You, a real human, are trying to welcome the subscriber, also a real human.

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This post from marketing analytics company Kissmetrics gives tips for better welcome emails, including ones that feel more personal with non-branded imagery, casual language, and personalized messages.

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